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Well well well, look where the 63 Mafia landed this week. Arizona Cycle Park for the Amateur Open.We had a blast as usual and this is only day one!!! Check the pictures below and smile!!! December 1 2011.


Knockin on yo door ACP.....

Naughty filmin and a rare Mikey smile photo

Some happy fans watching the races above the Dunlop logo's.

Don Naughty gettin kisses...He loves dogs and has to pet them all.

Jammin Josh's bikes chillin!

Mikey's Nike's in action part 2

Jaisaac floatin one for the homees during practice.

Austin frozen in the mornin in his hoody.

Jammin gettin airrrrrrrrr...

Jammin in practice with that leg up right where it should be.

Austin Buckshaw makin some ruts in the mornin. See how I spelled mornin....thats some Texas talk boyee!

Jaisaac Sloan practice flannel steez!!! Yup, got em....

Austin Powers cleared that whole jump...NBD ha ha...

In case you forgot...This is where we at. Good show boys!

It was Haydens birthday so we got him a gift.

Lonley bike chillin in the mornin..

What you up to Nix? Just kickin it ha ha...

Jaisaac sprayin mud with some speed.

This is what speed looks like...In phograph form of course.

Jaisaac chillin in the air like that one song about air.

Chillin in the pits. That kid has a sick hat.

Kyle Greeson gettin some uphill float!

Jammin playin in the pits with a smile!

Back shot of Jaisaac mashing during practice..

Riders meeting speeches.

Hey Austin watch out for that giant cone!!!!

Don Naughty gettin his tri pod on wherever he wants.

Jeff Nix lookin fresh with yours truly in the background.

Nix...or Snipz flossin a stache and a half finger.

Dinner plate steeze! get it?

Naughty all up in those angles killin it as usual.

My boy Jaisaac with the hole shot! YEAAAAAA!!

Jaisaac got that hole shot boyeee i told you!! ha ha!

Jaisaac gettin sideways.

Who dat is? Oh thats the homee Tanner A killin it on an 85 now.

Tanner killin it again.

Jaisaac speed? Yes please!

Do you think MC Hammer would like this photo? I think so.

Oh this is the homee Jonah Locks doing an air pass. thats what I'm calling it at least.

Jonah got that speed. You know this.

This is what it looks like when Jaisaac gets first place....

Braxton Prieto gettin that hole shot loke a bo$$!!

Braxton Prieto gettin that hole shot loke a bo$$!! part 2

Braxton Prieto gettin that hole shot loke a bo$$!! part 3 ha ha

The bike washing station was getting hectic today.

Nix with his captin morgans pose.

The homee Tyler Rosa was lookin good out there today!

Betta wake up homey before the race starts ha ha.

Braxton was killin it and got a first today.

Family sweatshirt War pose.....So good like a some starbursts!

Yes this is still where we are at.

Jonah Mack mackin a turn on his way to first place yeaaaa.

Nix tellin me I'm number one in his book. Thanks buddy ha ha!

I think he got this number plate at the dollar store.

The sketchy number plate didn't stop Austin from getting awesome starts like this one.

Some adults chillin in the pit. I actually made them pose for this photo but I still like it.

The track gettin prepped for more racing tomorrow! See ya there!!!


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