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Here you go its Arizona Cycle Park racing day 2 and we been clockin some wins!

Peep the photos below.

I woke up to a clean room thanks to my pal Naughty.

Dudes are ready to shred asap, I mean ACP.

Come to the line you gotta have your game right.

Hayden wants some peace!

Naughty got that Jonah Locks footy.

Naughty telling the announcer that he wants to ride the mechanical bull.

Jammin Josh wearing his game face. He's ready!

Just talkin "nerd" with other camera homeys.

Braxton Prieto got those hole shots like swiss cheese baby!

As you can see by this picture Jaisaac is mr 63.

Tanner A with a nasty holeshot like a bo$$.

Braxton Prieto rounding third and heading towards home for another win.

Screw this moto stuff...we gots us a pogostick. yea Mikey.

Tanner A floatin over the moon.

Nix cleanin Jaisaacs bike like it said a bad word.

Marcus Nimms chillin like a G.

Wait...who's that? Oh yea thats my boy Jammin Josh with a holeshot.

Prieto swingin around the corner in an Ontario shirt.

Moto Moms rule! Brandy rules.

Moto Moms rule! Heather watching races with Jaisaac.

Tanner A going faster than the speed of light pretty much.

Jammin josh didnt stick around long for this photo shoot, he just zoomed on by straight past the checkers in the first place position.

Cheetas are mostly found in Africa and parts of Asia. This picture of Braxton reminds me of a cheeta stalking his prey.

This one day Jammin Josh went around this turn. If you don't believe me thhen check the photo above these letters....

This is Brian Burns. He's chillin.

Brody feastin on some Arma. Brody has an awesome name just so you know.

Look at these dudes. So anxious to get to the finish line first.

Battle time at ACP.

Naughty filming Jaisaacs head.

Jaylen doing a Brody around a turn.

Jeff Nix trying to sneak onto the track on Austins bike.

Jammin Josh jammin that dirt into a rut.

Oh this pic? Yea thats what it looks like when my boy Jaisaac gets a holeshot.

Kyle Greeson on the battlefield of air.

Jaylen goggles off and still handling things!

Joseph Penya doing some air battles too.

Dylan floatin one in Arizona.

Jaisaac scrubbin like he was in the bathtub.

Don Naughty 's mullet gettin roosted ha ha.

Dylan going fast!

Austin Buckshaw flew super far this time.

Jaisaac always playin in the mud.

Jaisaac blazing fast as usual.

Brody doing an air brody.

Austin trying to lay down and take a nap on the track...

Some of the reality of motocross. It hurts.

Lighting fires and kickin tires I mean this is Jaisaac turning right.

Jaisaac Sloan holeshotted all over this place today!

Don Naughty filming Adam Sandler, I mean the waterboy I mean the water truck homey.

Mikey's Nikes had some denim company today. rare! part 3

War is all over our pit cuz they are awesome.

This is what it looks like when Jaisaac wins which he did a lot today.

Austin tryin to be a bird or something. flyin around.

Nix and Naughty talkin crap to me ha ha.

Jonah doing a nice whip.

This is Jonah Locks playing a little game of follow the leader and guess who's winning. If you guessed Jonah then you win a high five.

Jaisaac making dirt fly at some dude ha ha.

Jonah Locks is not in a gang but heres a picture of him jumping.

Jaisaac sideways mash on his way to first place.

Jaisaac off the lip scrub.

Jaisaac with a lesson fer al ya'all. Stay low stay fast!

Mr Jaisaac Sloan takin a left turn with no blinker. Carefull you might get pulled over.

Dreaming is free!

Jonah won all his races today then he took off his shirt to show everyone his tatt.

These dudes were on a mission.WATER FIGHT!

Naughty giving me "the look" (insert whip crack sound here)

I said got damn Dunlop's fast

Jaisaac in a nasty mud fight.

Here Braxton Prieto demonstrates how to get the holeshot.

This is the homey Tyler Rosa killin it.

Some Tyler Rosa flyin around action.

Brandon Webb ahead of the pack early.

Classic Braxton speed.

Tyler Rosa going vurry fast!

From the bay area to AZ, Jonah gettin real stylish right here.

Also from the bay we got Marcus Nimms airborne here.

Jammin Josh got the holeshot. duh!

Marcus Nimms lookin like a speed demon.

Brandon Webb holdin dudes off.

Brandon Webb killin it.

This is my best ET impression. Jammin Josh silhouette.

Marcus Nimms almost finished with his race.

Brandon Webb low and fast.

Hey these bikes don't look clean. Someone better get on it asap.

Jaisaac thinkin about the day.

Naughty feastin!

Naughty interviewing Burns.

Our pit is awesome! Come by and say hello.

Another amazing day comes to a close as the sun creeps through the clouds and sets.

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