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Check out these pictures of the crew chillin at the Vurb cup in Colorado!




Good turnout in Colorado.

The track gettin ready.

This is where you hide when it snows.

Bikes ready to be ridden.

Lookin fresh ready to go.

Mikey Mechanic checkin the tires.

Hey good lookin what cha got cookin.

Pour some gas on it.

More wood.... I think so.

Blazing fire.

Everyone relaxin at the fire....except Mikey Mechanic.

Fire blazing.

Went to the store and saw the biggest pumpkin ever.

Try riding in this mess....Jaisaac did!

Luke Purther was there killing it as a hired gun.

Aaron helpin with some helmet washin.

Some new pals Aaron, Dillon, and, Homegirl.

Watchin the races.

Jaisaacs hired gun bib.

Mikey Mechanic washin in his new CO coat.


Our awesome makeshift grill.

Luke Purther loves burnt mallows.

Pass me a burger.

Jokes and jokes and jokes

Gotta love the BBQ.

Badass bike!!

The Tutu girl wearing her racing outfit.

The Tutu girl reppin the Sloan War shirt.

The Tutu fam hangin out.



Saying goodbye to some new pals.

Posing with some first place plaques...It was a good race!!!


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