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Welcome to the Jaisaacsloan.com blog where we post our daily fun with photos and videos galore. Share them with a pal and smile!!!!



MIlestone practice was radicalllllll!!!!!



The crew putting a beating on Milestone during practice a few weeks ago.



Jesse Harvey aka No Shirt Harvey shredding with and without a shirt like a boss.



The i'll Na nas been chillen with the Jaisaac Sloan crew a lot lately so we put up a video we made last year with them to let everybody see what's up with the Nanas!
Peep game!



New Flu? Yep! Peep game!



Jaisaac and the homies goin hard in the paint at ACP!!!!


The 63 mafia is killin it! Click below to see the photos!



Braxton prieto killin it at ACP in Arizona. Millions of holeshots and wins!



Kyle Greeson is puttin in work at ACP! Peep game!



Jammin Josh coming through with some fantastic riding at ACP. Holeshots and wins galore for this steezy ginger!!!!!



Don Naughty is a promotional wizard and anything he touches turns into gold so you know if he's backing No Toil filters than they must be awesome. Jaisaac gets in on the action too and gives Naughty a little more info on the subject. Watch and learn friends!



Jaisaac Sloan gets the win in the big bike open class at the Amateur Open of Motocross.
The race is an annual national race brought to you by race promoter and announcer Erve Bruan. Jaisaac Sloan and his crew put it down!


Photo shoot with the crew! Click below for details.



Do not trust Brian Burns.

We brought Brian Burns into the interrogation unit to try to answer a few personal questions about the speed demon himself. Watch and decide for yourself if you should trust Brian Burns.........



Jaisaac Sloan's Mechanic the "skeletor" Mike Villegas is the new head mechanic between him and Old head Mechanic Jeff Snips.
If Jeff doesn't like that, then he shouldn't have cut his fingers off.
However we're not sure if Mikey can handle it yet??



Don Naughty tries his hand at battling female breakdancer Emski Sloan.
He gets shook...



Check out the homee McCoy Oldenburg put a hurting on the Ponca track!



Peep out homee Aiden Tijero talkin turkey and going fast!



Peep this radical Milestone practice vid from last month!


Here you go its Arizona Cycle Park racing day 2 and we been clockin some wins!


jaisaac sloan

Well well well, look where the 63 Mafia landed this week. Arizona Cycle Park for the Amateur Open.We had a blast as usual and this is only day one!!! Check the pictures below and smile!!! December 1 2011.



Jaisaac Sloan, jammin Josh, mikey Villegas, Austin Buckshot, and HB manned up on a muddy day solo crew mission at the newly redone Starwest track for some mud practice. Despite the rain and crazy conditions the crew came through in fine form and had a super fun time.......Well there was some crashing.....but thats motocross..


The gang headed out to Phoenix Arizona to train in the beautiful weather at Jaisaac's turn track. Everyone improved their lap times and had a good old time. Click the link below to check the photos!



Jaisaac Sloan, Christian Craig, Jammin Josh, Austin Buckshot, and Tyler rosa gettin down and dirty in the ruts of Nuevo. Watch this video below fo da proof !!



Jammin Josh broke his arm right when he moved to So Cal to race motocross. Check him out in the video below and get inspired by his never give up attitude.



Check out James Justice put a hurting on ACP a few weeks ago!



Check out the homey Colt Blackwell killin it at Ponca City this year!



Don Naughty loves his "Naughty Juice" we all know that, but did you know he was a cook too....he decided to mix up a fresh batch of juice and give it his own twist and own custom name. Watch and find out what it is right here!



Jaisaac gave away his CRF 150! watch the video below to see who won it!!!


Shredding at Nuevo a day after it rains....Great idea!!!! the dirt was perfect check the photos below!!!



Practice at a rainy Starwest with the crew....so much fun!!! Peep photos here!


jaisaac sloan

Jaisaac Sloan gave away his bike to one lucky winner....Check the photos here!!



Some good ole Oklahoma racin and interviewing with longtime pals of the 63 mafia Brook Whipple, Miranda Sanayei, and Ryan Abrigo. Che Che Check it out!!!!!


Jaisaac Sloan, Austin Buckshot and Jammin Josh decided they needed make some mummies. They infused them with a little something extra....FMF energy drink. Watch and see how they turned out along with some spectacular basketBALLIN!


The Jaisaacsloan.com crew attacked colorado hard like it wasn't snowing hard as hell. It was Jaisaac's first time riding in snow and Mikey Mechanic's first time even seeing snow! Plus bonus snips! watch the clip below for the video funness!  


Check out this new movie starring Jaisaac and Naughty!

Its gonna be hilarious!! Trust us, you do not wanna miss this!!!!



Jaisaac is giving away his Honda 150 CRF!!!

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