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Today 10-6-11 the jaisaacsloan.com crew went to go practice at the newly redone STARWEST track. It was raining pretty hard when we got there so we had the whole place to ourselves. It was amazing!!!! The rain just kept coming hard but the crew kept battling through it like the beasts that they are. Peep some photos boyeeeeeeeees..(and girls ha ha)


Don Naughty, Mike Craig, and Paul Varize aka Babu checkin the weather...not lookin so great.....

dangit......oh well lets shred!

Will the real Don Naughty please stand up.


The bikes are ready....wet but ready.

Stupid rain...lets get shelter

Jaisaac flying over some houses.

Hey Jaisaac...thats a nice brodey!!!

Austin Bruckshaw zings it.

Don Naughty double baggin it as usual ...like a BO$$!

Jammin Josh with a very determined look on his face! Day 1 homey!

Hey quit trying to choke him with that bag.....

Dogfather always has a dog with him and its great! This one looks sleepy.

Super trainer Mike Craig trying to choke Mikey. JK

Jammin Josh on his first day back from his broken arm....he was looking good...watch out 65's!

Jaisaac riding fast as usual.....even in the rain.

Jaisaac just jumping some houses....no big deal.

Austin was super fast today. supa fast.

Jammin Josh struggling to see with no goggles in the rain.

Jaisaac low and fast floater

.Jaisaac pushing his bike to its limit....in a garbage bag. Gotta love it!

Austin low and fast.

Mikey put down the wrench and gave the track a beatdown.

Mikey and HB were battling all day.

Austin told me he likes riding in the mud..it shows.

Austin studying the track..or maybe he was mean mugging it.

Jaisaac with some killer corner speed even in the mud.

mud bath roost.

Austin jumping a fence.

undercarriage not looking 2 healthy.

Austins goggles were foggy so he took them off and came up with this mud face.

Don Naughty wants to pick up trash with this?

HB with some messed up gloves and cold hands.

Do you have tickets to the gun show?? Jaisaac does.


Mikey no likey the mud in his bike.

Jammin Josh trying to warm his hands ha ha.

Jaisaac caught mid flight at the finish line.

Mikey V hang time.

HB floating one.

A little game of follow the leader

Don Naughty found these shoes at the crib and wrecked em real good!

Chaos! Hb falling while Don Naughty loses his shoe.

The track was so slick.Just takin a little nap on the track.

Takin a little break with the crew.

Mikey gettin clean...... squeaky!

Austin smashing through the puddles.

Wu Tang again? aww yea again and again.If you know this then you're awesome

HB cleaning the mud off his bike so he could mash some more turns

Babu always has something funny to say.

Jammin Josh looking very turtle like right here ha ha.

100 extra pounds of mud gone and HB was really cooking!

HB hovering over the finish jump!

HB mashing hard! He was the last one off the track.

Jaisaac either hugging himself or doing a gangsta pose.

Whoa whoa take it easy ya mean muggers ha ha.

Hay watch where you're going....get it "HAY"

One more for the road! See ya next time!!!!

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