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The crew headed to Milestone today to get some practice in the California sunshine.


The best sign at any track as far as I'm concerned.

Right off the bat naughty getting footy of Jaisaac while he strapped up his boots.

Jammin lookin fresh in some TLD.

You know it boyee.... Mikeys Nike's.

Tons of people at the track today.

Jaisaac floating one while getting chased.

Jammin Josh over the Milestone sign.

Jaisaac trying to turn in the air.

Reid Snyder flying through the power lines.

Reid and Sam training.

Jaisaac floating a brody all low.

Jaisaac handling the woops like a boss.

Jammin right here jammin with some speed. 324 playa!

Mr Naughty fresh off of a Vegas trip doing his thang.

Mike Craig was trying to put out a fire.

Austin Buckshaw playin in the dirt.

Austins back brakes were not working so he mashed the turn track all day.

Austin digging more holes.

Austin told me he loves the woops section. It shows!

Jaisaac contemplating his next run with some nice WAR product placement.

Sam and Austin hangin in the pits.

Jaisaac up up and away!

Jaisaac under the watchfull eye of his pals trainers and mechanic.

Reid with some good corner speed, eyes on the next mission.

Jaisaac flyin over some dude.

Jammin stayin fly.

There was a bee near Jammin so he tried to kick it out of the air before it bit him.

Naughty, Ian, and HB crackin jokes.

Naughty and Ian in front of the realmotocross.com rig.

Sam and Reid Snyder chillin.

Lotta eyes on the supercross track.

Cole Martinez checkin the track.....

Text book double triple dipple tabletop thing that looked complicated.

Supercross Cole doing a super jump.

These woops were no joke but Cole handled them with ease.

MIkeys meat!

Mike Craig chopping up a rabbit for dinner later.

Jaisaac workin in the ruts of Mike Craigs new turn track.

Welcome friends! Sign at the food place that has awesome quesadillas.

Naughty pettin dogs part 1 of 2.

Naughty pettin dogs part 2 of 2.

Cole and Tapia relaxing inbetween shred sessions.

Brandon executing a perfect right hand turn.

Austin Bruckshaw dragging bars!!!.....well its just one bar but thats still nice.

Brandon with some blazing fast corner speed.

The crew chillin in the pits.

Sam showing off the evil eye.

Hangin tough like the New Kids.

Cole defying gravity.

Cole Martinez looks like he's staring right at the camera in this shot.

Tevin Tapia turnin.

Tevin Tapia wit some good corner speed.

Cole with an air turn whipper snapper.

Cole going over that barn right there.

Yours truly.

HB chillin with Tevin Tapia.

Naughtys pal hollerin at a timelapse.

Jaisaac and Jammin relaxing after a long day of training.

The realmotocross.com rig has the best hood ornament!


Mikey bout to go to the office.

CUT! and thats a wrap! See ya'all next time! 63 Mafia out!


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