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Today was the big bike giveaway at the No Fear store at the Block in Orange Ca so we jumped in the car and sat in traffic for 2 hours to go give away this masterpiece from the skilled mind and hands of master mechanic Jeff Nix away. It was sad to see that amazing bike go but hopefully it went to a new awesome home and rider.

The window of the No Fear store made us all proud. Even tough guys smile sometimes ha ha.

Jaisaac "I'm gonna miss this bike but I've moved on to bigger bikes so I'm not too bummed"

Jammin Josh drinkin some kind of smoothie at da mall.

Outside of the No Fear store in Orange Ca.

Naughty "don't give it away...Nix worked so hard on this!!!!

Hurry up and get your name in the raffle!

Jammin chillin and Paul looking fresh in some We All Ride gear!

Naughty fell go boom yesterday....

The bike about to get given away with "OFF BRAND" playing in the background. How perfect!

Jammin Josh chillin gettin filmed.

You guys ready?? lets do this!

"I can't wait to see who wins it"

Callin the lucky winner!!!

I just want one last ride on this thing ha ha!!!

You's a lucky fella Ronny!!

The winners name is......Ronny Webster....congrats buddy!!!!!

What chu talkin bout willis

Naughty and Mikey chillin

Austin Buckshot "I wish I won it"

Jammin Josh "I wish I won it"

"Lets get this thing sent out to Ronny ASAP!!!

We left the bike there for a minute to see if anyone would take it... I guess there are some trust worthy people in Orange....or is there ha ha.!!!!!!!! Have fun on your new bike Ronny!!!!!!!!!!


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