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The 63 mafia headed to Nuevo today to shred around some hand made tracks in the mountains that were mostly molded by the talented hands of Mike "Stingray" Craig. The dirt was perfect and the boys rode till they could barely walk. It was great fun! Check our photos below!

There were a ton of people at Nuevo when we got there.

Unloading the machines.

This little beetle dude was awesome.

Don Naughty half man half amazing. half beer.

Jammin Paul finishing up his tag yo.

Mike Craig aka Stingray was on point today.

This moto mom is very dedicated and her plate proves it.

Austin Gunshot blasting through the woops.


Naughty all alone in the mountains.

Tyler Rosa was lookin quick today.

Austin Slingshot kicking up some dirt.

Christian Craig does not slow down!

Jammin Josh jammin around the track.

Jaisaac getting loose with some amazing controll.

Jammin Josh doing some more jammin.

Don Naughty hitting a jump....Get it? "hitting" a jump.

Jaisaac was having some bike problems early in the day but got them fixed quickly

Jaisaac chillin.

Checking out this gnarly gap.

Christian charging it...hard

Then some fancy stuff for fun...Beastmode!!

Naughty tripped on some chicken wire while running full speed down a hill...It was so funny ha ha.

Naughtys beer sprung a leak ha ha. Rough day.

The man the myth the legend.

Christian Craig tore into every turn there.

Jaisaac interviewing Christian Craig.

Austin getting low and staying fast.

Jammin Josh gettin down in the grooves.

In case you forgot...We are in California and here is a plate to prove it.

Lets talk about stuff....ok

Moto moms rule! Mrs Rosa rules!

The boys enjoying the view during a little water break.

Naughty got it on film.

Don Naughty trying to look tough.

Nuevo is lumpy and unpredictable and those who are new to it are usually not able to hang. Jaisaac is not new to it.

Jaisaac kickin up some dirt.

Lifestyle. thank you Utopia.

Thats what speed looks like from behind when shot with a cannon 7D.

Jaisaac lookin very comfortable around this turn.

Jaisaac deep in the ruts.

Naughty is his own best filmer. Chug a lug chug a lug.

Naughty and Paul interviewing Tyler Rosa.

I get by with a little help from my friends. Somebody left her lights on and needed a jump.

I came around the corner to find Paul on a rock doing this. The world is yours buddy!

Austin will mash some puddles. repeat. Austin will mash some puddles!

Austin with another glorious water mash.

I had to dodge a dead squirrel and a bunch of spikey pieces of wood to get this spy shot.

I'm on a boat. I'm on a boat. Everybody look at me cuz I'm standing on a boat.

Trash and debris laying around Nuevo are a common sight.

I bet this was a nice office window view at some point.

The tools to get the job done.

We ended our day with some taco's of course. See ya next time!!!!!!!


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