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ACP you ask? Yes we left Texas in search of greener pastures aka no rain. Well there was no rain in the forecast in Arizona so here we are. Training training training!!

We saw the sign so we knew we were welcome.

The whip that got us there.

The track waiting....wait thats a sexy shadow...oh my bad thats me ha ha.

Signing some papers and looking over footage while the boys get ready.

Arizona Cycle Park represent!

Tools of the trade.

You know I had to have it. Mikeys Nikeys!!!!!

Jaisaac Sloan flinging some dirt.

Jaisaac quit laying sideways on that hill...Oh nevermind he's in the air.

Jonah Mack somewhere in space.

Jaisaac digging in the ruts.

After a little break Jaisaac's ready to get back on the track.

Training by the poop.

Jammin Josh floating like styrofoam.

What chu guys doing? Oh just training.

Jammin Josh is #324 in case you forgot.

Yes folks that is manure. noun

spread composted manure over the strawberry plants: dung, muck, excrement, droppings, ordure, guano, cow pats; fertilizer; informal cow chips, road apples, horse apples, buffalo chips, cow-pies, cow patties, cow flops; turds, scat.

Hey Jonah watch out for those informal cow chips!!

That lady on the right should be watchin my boy Jaisaac....She trippin.


Jonah Mack mackin a turn.

Training battle time.

More training.

Mikey chillin in our pit.

Jaisaac turn part 1.

Jaisaac turn part 2.

Jaisaac jumping over some dude.

This is Jason from Pronto pics.

Jason shreds! Double angles on this one.

Jammin Josh flying around as usual.

I saw this bike looking lonley on the track and I had to get a pic.

Jalen flying fast.

Jalen turning fast.

Jammin Josh trying to kick me.

Jalen under fathers watchfull eye.

Ouch! Don't worry he's ok.

Jammin kicking up some dirt.

Jalen displaying fine form on this one.

Jalens little bro....awwwwwww

Jonah all packed up and ready to roll.

Sweet sunset photo! Thanks Jonah! See ya'all next time.

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