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Today we made the drive to Cahuilla Creek to shred some KTM's with Rylas and Thomas. Check the photos boyeeeeee!!!!!!!



Mikey didn't come with us today but yesterday he got some snappy new Mikeys Nikeys and I snapped a flick fo yo eyeballs!

Guess whoooo?? Thomas and Rylas came and picked us up today.

But wait where's Jaisaac's bike?? Getting the suspension fixed so he's gonna borrow one of Rylas's KTM's today.

On the drive there the clouds were hanging low and dark.

The bikes waiting patiently.

Thats right I saw some triple flag action !

And some horses galloping.

And finally Thomas pulled over so I could photograph these mailboxes :) Thanks buddy!!!!!!

The pit.

All set up!

Rylas gearing up.

jaisaac gearing up.

Almost ready.... So weird seeing Jaisaac on a #601 bike.

Jaisaac getting the party started.

Rylas warmin it up.

Jaisaac wasted no time and started smashing sh@t !

How do you stop a fish from smelling?
Just cut its nose off.

Jaisaac flying around. also a joke...Two snowmen are in a field. The first snowman says to the second " Strange isn't it but yes I can smell carrots as well". ha ha.

How do you know when you have run out of invisible ink?

Jaisaac digging holes.

Why do physics always ask you for your name?

Thomas making sure everything is tip top.

This is what life looks like from this old tire's point of view...Dreaming of the days when it used to roll on this very track.

Jaisaac ATTACK!!!!

The boys were having a blast in these berms.

Rylas got caught in a dust storm.

Two fish are in a tank. One said to the other "I'll drive, you man the guns"

Jaisaac playing on one of the front jumps.

Getting sideways.

Bring it back.

How come it only cost 8 million dollars for the Titanic to be built but 250 million dollars for a movie to have been made about it.

Jaisaac on the uphill woops.

Jaisaac fast attack on a turn.

And here we have Jaisaac mashing a lefty on this very photogenic turn.

Rylas also mashing a lefty on this same very photogenic turn.

Keep that elbow up!

Attack mode!

A hamburger goes into a bar and asks for a gin and tonic. "Sorry" said the barman "We don't serve food".

Rylas Uddberg's name is tattoo'd on Don Naughtys leg but it's spelled Uddburg ha ha whoops, sorry Naughty and Rylas...My fault.

If Jaisaac was a rapper his rap name would have to be JMX...You know, like DMX ha ha.

JMX ride or die ha ha!

Thomas's name is also tattoo'd on Don Naughty. It says Thomas on his arm and the "S" is a dollar sign ha ha.

I call this beauty the USA jump.

Pit life.

Got a bit cold so Jaisaac grabbed a flannel.

Rylas looking all majestic.

The first permanent photograph was an image produced in 1826 by the French inventor Joseph Nicéphore Niépce. His photographs were produced on a polished pewter plate covered with a petroleum derivative called bitumen of Judea, which he then dissolved in white petroleum. Bitumen hardens with exposure to light. The unhardened material may then be washed away and the metal plate polished, rendering a positive image with light regions of hardened bitumen and dark regions of bare pewter. Niépce then began experimenting with silver compounds based on a Johann Heinrich Schultz discovery in 1727 that silver nitrate (AgNO3) darkens when exposed to light. Take notes, you'll be tested on this at the end of the semester.

Jaisaac flying real good!

Jaisaac came blasting out of this turn so fast and about two feet away from me. It was pretty damn scary.

Rylas caught in another dust storm of awesomeness!

Jaisaac more berm blasting.

How would you name a fish which doesnt have an eye?

Rylas fun in the sun! the temperature at Cahuilla was about 70 degrees...Perfect!

Rylas truning one for the ratchets!

Jaisaac totally landed this pop-a-wheelie ha ha.

Rylas got em too!

Up close and personal with Jaisaac's glove.

Lets go jump that bump into that other jump.

Rylas did it. It was looking sketchy until they tried it and made it look all easy.

Jaisaac flying over the same line.

Rylas getting all freestyleeeee.

Tear down the pit and let's roll out.

To go buy some fresh strawberries and pistachio's !!!!

You know we had to get some delish food on the way back to celebrate a super fun day of riding!!! Rylas is laughing into his menudo ha ha.

Clouds were creepin still but we outran them.....See ya'll next time !!!!!!

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