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Camp Verde Arizona!

We went on a sweet weekend mission to Camp Verde to shred and train with Justin Buckelew for a few days. Enjoy the pictures cuz we had fun making them !!!

This place rules! ! ! !

Early morning wake up sunrise glory shot !

Terry the turtle peepin game in the morning.

Jokes in the pit....Good times!!!

Justin gearing up to shred.

Camp life....Mikey burshing the teeth.

Mikey's tool box lookin fresh.

These clouds threatened our good time for a minute but it never rained.

Taco Bell for breafast ha ha!!

Cuz we're in Camp Verde!

Mikey got taco's for everyone...What a guy!

Ready to shred!

Jaisaac bombing it down the fairway!

Cory Reed bombing it down the fairway too.

Justin mashing hard through a corner.

Jaisaac diggin deep.

Cory with some good exit speed.

Jaisaac floating in the Verde.

Mikey getting the lap times.

Cory staying low and fast.

Cory jumping over Jaisaac.

Justin Buck don't give a.....crap ha ha

Jaisaac whippersnapper time!

Justin one hander!

Justin one footer!

And the finale....Justin one hander oone footer!!!!!!

Big ole landing on this badboy!

Jaisaac hookin a righty.

Cory hookin a righty too.

Cory splashing some major roost .

Jaisaac shreddin it hard.

Now thats a purdy photograph brother!

Lightin fires and kicking tires!

Jaisaac srubbin like a BOWSE!

Jaisaac srubbin like a BOWSE part 2.

Jaisaac srubbin like a BOWSE part 3 of 3.

Micah 1000 getting taught how to start ha ha.

First time riding a 250!!!

First gear ha ha!!

Cory in the section I call Jurassic Park.

Cory flyin all around the place.

Draggin bars ha ha.

Jaisaac with a sweet left hander!

To me there's just something very poetic about empty bleachers...

Break time.

Break time.

Pit life.

Justin watering the track while the other riders rest.

Is that...a crayon...ha ha.

Nope, not dragging bars....Dragging crayon!

Cory with a pop a wheelie.

Jaisaac pops a wheelie too.

Cory digging in the dirt.

Jaisaac flying over the mountains.

I made this happen ha ha.

Jaisaac in Jurassic park

The jack of all trades Mikey Vee helping out with some Gopro filming..Chasing down Jaisaac doing a scrub.

Mikey chasing em down..

Me trying to be artsy by using Cory's tire to frame Jaisaac turning.

No tire Jaisaac turn mid 30 minute moto.

See....30 minutes plus 2 laps ha.

The track was grrrrreatttt!!!

Pit life.

See ya later..

See ya later..

See ya later, it's been a good time mane !!!

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