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Today is October 4 2012, we went to anyon MX, and it was awesome. Check the photoooooooooosssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Getting up at 5 has it's advantages. Besides beating the heat I got to see this scene on the way to the track. I knew it was gonna be a great day !

Welcome friends to Canyon MX.

Mikey getting the bike ready to shred.

Cory was there handin out knucks.

Showing me his trigger finger. They told me Brad was a gamer.

Justin Buckelew showing me the track.

We stumbled onto this and I made Justin pose with it.

Jaisaac with a fresh haircut.

Time to warm up. Streeeeetch !!

Mikey doesn't like it ha ha.

Jaisaac ready to shred it. Arizona has 113,909 square miles. Thats a lot of space to shred.

Tristan Truax chillin.

Cory yelling about how much he likes the track.

I heard that Tristan likes to whip it and he wasted no time getting into it.

Tristan on his way to another whip.

Jaisaac under the watchfull eye while warming up.

Jaisaac jumping over #26 for the pass.

Tristan going ham!

Cory burning a corner like a log on a cold winter night in a fireplace.

Cory and Jaisaac battling.

Justin giving Miles some coaching.

Tristan gettin dirty.

Jaisaac leanin like white on rice.

Jaisaac sitting on the dock of the bay.

Some riders just wanna be fast and some riders do something about it..These riders are very committed!

This is Jaisaac and Arizona was the 48th state to join the United States.

Miles flying for miles.

Jaisaac soaking up the jump to stay as low as possible.

I wonder if Tristan knows that California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, and Utah are the states that border Arizona.

The state capitol of Arizona is Phoenix.

Cory throws up some horns cuz he loves getting faster !!!!

Miles eye of the tiger on this one.

Cory whipping a telephone pole. The telephone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell in 1876.

Jaisaacs tried to kick Mr T off the mountain but it didn't work.. He's just too strong.

Cory Reed through the woods and over the bushes.

Jaisaac whippin one for the ratchets!

Cory flying over Justin and into a hill.

Jaisaac whipping a cool whip.

Jaisaac going HAM.

Jaisaac bringing a whip back to earth!

Cory looking over to see what I'm up to.

Jaisaac in a classic Arizona cactus scene. I wonder if he knows that with the right growing conditions, it is estimated that saguaros can live to be as much as 150-200 years old!

Cory looking back to say whats up.

Miles was looking fast today.

Cory and Jaisaac battle.

Generally, a battle is a conceptual component in the hierarchy of combat in warfare between two or more armed forces.

It's fun watching these guys ride.

Synchronized awesome Jaisaac and Cory.

Jaisaac running some laps.

All those people got in the way of my photo of a telephone pole.

Miles takin a little breather.

Mikey looking after Jaisaac's bike like he does.

HB decided he didn't wanna sit around anymore and grabbed a helmet and some gloves.

And shredded a lap for the veteration!

Holy S*!# !

Most people would be bummed to ride in some thinass skate shoes but HB was just having too much fun to care.

Jaisaac back on his bike throwin em.

Tristan scrubbing one hard.

While they watered the track we wandered over to the endurocross track.

Cory having some fun.

This looked hard.

Jaisaac having a good time.

Super fun until...Hey! Quit messin around like that Tristan.

Don't worry he was ok.

Lets go practice some starts.

Cory up up and away.


MIkeys nikeys lookin a bit dirty, maybe they caught some of that roost from the photo above this one.

Remember earlier when Tristan fell...This is what happened.

Packing up to leave.

Gotta catch up on some phone stuff after riding all day....See ya'all soon !!


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