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Some days are training days, some days are fun days, and some days are test days. Today was a test day but it was still fun so maybe we could call it s fest day or a tefun day....nah thats dumb...just peep these flix we shot right here !!!!


If a picture is worth a thousand words then this one is worth like 50 thousand. Right off the bat in the morning Mikey and I fouond this octagonal Burger King and Mikey got all majestic in front of it !!

Then I got him to put on this hat.

Somehow Mikey used his connections to get us free ice.

Draggin the ice back to the set was heavy.

And on to the track, ice in tow. Jaisaac got all braceletted up.

Jaisaac throwin up the westside cuz we are in California !

Dem boots!

Mikeys very red Nikeys.

I think these are for jogging or something.

Jaisaacs bike floating in space .

Reppin WAR on the whip.

Mikey fixin stuff like he does.

Shout out to the homey Paul ! Some chicken boy....Chicken !!!!!!!!

Mikey fillin er up.

Almost ready to ride.

Playin at Comp Edge today.

Jaisaac on the track getting things warmed up and suspensions tested.

Jaisaac robble robble !

Jais comin atcha in a cloudless California sky.

Jaisaac deep in thought. Contemplating his next lines.

Mikey got a spare second to eat his burger king breakfast.

Checking the sag.

Jaisaac flying all nicey !

If this photo were a lyric in a rap song it'd be something like "I'm ballin mane"

With the suspension feeling good Jaisaac cuts through a corner with speed.

Jaisaac climbing a tree.

Jaisaac kickin up some roost.

Jaisaac jumping around the desert.

Jaisaac turning around a busy corner.

Jaisaac leaving said "busy corner"

Jaisaac braaaaping around a turn.

Bike chillin.

And on to the next one to test the suspension.

"See him test the suspension"

"Yepp, there he is...all testing the suspension n stuff"

Jaisaac turning bout to.....

Turn 90 degrees.....

Annnnd back to straight.

I really like these ones so......

I put in the.....

Sequence of three !!!!!

Lets put these away and roll out....

Until the tire is about to blow out...This guy doesn't have the right kind so lets go somewhere else to figure it out. Sketchy driving on a bad tire but we braved it.

We went to Milestone to say whats up to Paul and get some parts from the new store they have over there.

The front of the store lookin sharp !

Paul welcomes all to the new shop !!!!!!

Jaisaac checkin out the goods.

Fresh !!!

You know they got that No Toil.

I hope this guy doesn't see me on the track and mistake me for one ha ha.

Got some freshy tires loaded up and we out.

Mikey camera attack.

And we finally got ourselves a new tire!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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