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The crew packed it up all early to go holler at the new Lake Elsinore MX track for some zip zinging great times and laps in the summer sun!

Mikeys Nikes goin HAM in the AM!

My breakfast warmup.

Mikey "does this have filling"

Now we're talking.....Taco Bell!!!!

The real deal!! Boo-Yah!!!!! you know I luh dat!!!

Gettin that footy.

Mikey fix bikey.

Christian Craig interview time.

Jaisaac and Mike "Stingray" Craig.

Thomas Covington is baaaaaaaaaack!!!!!

Tarah Geiger whippin foolz.

Christian Craig loves to be sideways.

Jaisaac gettin loose on the track.

Christian looking fresh.

Reid Snyder flying over the mountain.

Christian ....insert whipp crack sound here.

Jaisaac flingin a zinger.

Christian out the corner quick.

Jaisaac keeping consistent with some amazing lap times.

Reid turning left.

Brandon was there training some homeys.

Reid is really good at filling up his gas tank.

Yo check this footy out.

Shout out to Kent Snyder for painting this rad helmet!!!

Christian flingin one hard.

Tarah diggin hard.

Jaisaac on the warpath.

Jaisaac skidding and jumping..yea!!!!

CJ Lombrana killin it!

Tarah showing us how its done.

Jaisaac over the river and through the hills.

Reid to the mooooooooon!

CJ flying around the park.

Jaisaac and CJ tunnel vision

This is Reid getting LOW.

You had to have a yellow vest to be on the track here.......

The homeys chillin in between motos.

Brit showed up.

Sam Collins came with Brit and threw up a peace sign.

Jaisaac flinging poop.

Reid and CJ air battle!!!

Sam all geared up and ready to play.

CJ out the corner with speed!.

Sam flingin one on lap number 2.

See that stance Reid is in?....He means business.

Tarah sittin sideways.

Mikey with a little message for Lobster! (jus kiddinwe miss you) FREE LOBSTER!

What goes up must come down. Jaisaac up!

Sam Killins..I mean Sam Collins killin it.

Sam head over the bars blazing out of a turn with speed.

Sam corner speed!

Reid a book ha ha ha ha.

Sam burning up the track.

As you can see by his shirt, Jaisaac rides....Well not right here. Right here he's sitting down but earlier he was riding.

Sam loading up his beast.

Cooling down after a hot day in Elsinore.

Brit on the scent....Till next time ya'all.


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