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Here we are at Freestone county raceway for the first national of the year It was a mellow 20 hour drive ha ha. Enjoy our photos because we enjoyed taking them.

Freestone raceway and the ice cream cone is here. It was threatening rain all day but it never came thank goodness.

Freestonemx has free wifi and its the best thing ever!!!!!!

With all the sponsors.

Right off the bat with the camera in Jammin Josh's face.

Jaisaac and Mikey waiting patiently

Brownlee racing homey killin it!

Smiles all day.

Brownlee racing boyeeee.

Check the site you know you want to.

The Redbull tower.

Practice clutter.

Jaisaac flying.

Jaisaac fence turn. Double angles!

Big Beau Bentley flying.

Luke Purther was flying today.

Buncha hoodlums hangin in the bleachers.

Starting line flag glory. This track is nicey.

Jammin Josh jammin a turn.

Jaisaac laying down during practice.

Jonah Mack on the attack.

Three six three Jaisaac flying around.

Jonah flying next to his countrys flag.

Jonah Mack walking the plank.

Jammin looks worried...I checked your lap times and there's no need to worry.

Pit life.

Mikey getting his fix on.

Tanner Amarillas riding an 85.

Brock Papi shredding it.

Tanner Amarillas proper style.

Gordan Keller is lookin stellar.

Luke Purther lookin fresh.

Jaisaac going fast.

Dr Locks stuck in a tree.

Jonah whippin the redbull thingy.

McCoy Oldenburg fast as ever.

Mitchell Oldenbury also fast as ever.

Jammin Josh hangin in the trees.

Mad Max Miller showing you how its done.

I love this pond on the track.

Cj Lombrana killin it.

Cody McDonna aint playin no games.....He's here to kill it!

Hey Jonah I'm eating your chex mix right now ha ha...Thanks!!!!

Jaisaac watchin Jonah shred it. Awww what a pal!

Beau Bentley with some G style. I thought chu knew!

Mitchell Oldenburg going quick.

Austin White got's some style I'll tell you that.

Beau Bentley flingin one.

Cade Britt like a boss.

Cade Britt reppin that 11.

I love camping and that tree ahhhh...I had to take this picture. Inspiration!

Cade Britt got that speed.

Jonah Locks diggin holes.

Mitchell Oldenburg killing the track. Gotta love the stance!

McCoy Oldenburg......fast! You know he means business.

Gage Schere flyin in the trees.

Mad Max Miller the track killer.

Jammin Josh was on fire today as usual.

WWW gettin wild!

Jaisaac Sloan over head flight.

Jaisaac kickin some dirt.

Jaisaac in with speed out with speed.

Gordon Keller killin the game.

Gordan Keller flying over the mountains in Texas.

Oh wassup dog.

The kids love bikes.

Jonah Mack bought some giant sweats.

Jaisaac doing some sort of tailwhip or something.

They have a cemetery at the track. Pretty rad.

Jonah riding and Jonah drinking all in one photo...ahhh magic.

Mikey wash bikey !

After riding its video game time for these guys. Its a moto game by the way.

Mikeys Nikeys in Texas hangin with Jaisaacs boots.

Jammin Josh and the stare down.

Redbull babes!

Brandy hangin tough at the WWW pit.

WWW and Deedra.

The sun setting on the track. See ya'all tomorrow for another fantastic day.

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