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Hey viewers! Gosh, it’s been so long! Remember me? Of course you do! :) Unfortunately, I’ve been MIA from just about every race this year due to school, but luckily it’s almost summer time, which means lots of photos and traveling! I’m excited to be here at Honey Lake this weekend with the whole Sloan family and everyone else I have missed! Today was my chance to ease my way back into the scene; I just got a new lens too, so I was looking forward to testing it out. Come back tomorrow to catch all the action from the first 2012 Loretta Lynn regional qualifiers!

Me !!!



I honestly love his last name! Blake Savage rode awesome today, and I all ready know he’ll to be a top competitor during tomorrow’s pro motos!

For some reason, I was surprised to see Dom Greeson on ktms, I don’t know why, but I didn’t even recognize him! Dom rode really well today, and I’m looking forward to seeing him race tomorrow!

The track could have easily been described as rough, but what other riders had to deal with was nothing compared to these pee-wee kids…these jumps and ruts must have been massive to them!

Brandon Hernandez seemed to lack no speed today after checking out each practice!

Jai welcomes me back with a lil’ west side, can’t even tell you how much I have missed this kid!

Jaisaac pushing to keep his lap times low!

Jaisaac rode really well, I honestly cannot wait to see how he does tomorrow! His class is stacked, so it’ll be a very interesting day!

A picture could say a thousand words…all I can say is Josh looks to be in the zone!

Jammin’ Josh and his version of a mini scrub!

Jaisaac eating dirt for lunch? :)

Okay, so right after I saw the snake, I was walking down the hill and spotted this lizard. I went to snap a photo and was startled by a hugeee bug that landed on my hand. What’d I do? I jumped and was laughed at by a group of moms walking my way! 2 Honey Lake 0 Miranda.

I’m not familiar with this rider, but throughout the day he caught my eye as I watched him flow with ease lap after lap.

Micah 1000!

I found out Mikey is Jaisaac’s full time mechanic now. When I asked Mikey what would he rather do, go to college or wrench for Jai he didn’t hesitate to say “oh for sure this, I love it, 7 days a week!” I thought that was pretty cool, the last time I saw Mikey, he was living in Arkansas so I definitely had a lot to catch up on!

#MakeitNasty :) I’m not going to lie; today was a really cool day because I got to see my brother ride his big bikes, which is something I haven’t been able to see before! He’s been down in Southern California now for quite some time while I’ve been home in Washington. It’s been different to say the least, but his absence just makes us appreciate the time we get to spend together even more!

Jesse Sanchez was on the gas all day, I haven’t seen him in a long time, but I was really impressed with his amount of speed today!

Jaisaac pushing to keep his lap times low!

Earlier this morning, I came to the conclusion that I’m not much of a nature girl and especially when I have an opportunity to come into contact with poisonous creatures! I have always been terrified of snakes, which has kept me on the look out every year. Toward the end of practice, I witnessed this snake lying on the side of the track. Lets just say my heart stopped and it caused me to be on my toes the rest of the time.

Dean Spangler charging through the corner

Another memory in the books, Jaisaac and his crew enjoying the day together.

Close up of Micah 1000 behind the scenes footage



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