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Hey everyone! Today’s racing consisted of stock classes, women’s, and schoolboy 1 motos! The day was very long due to the three moto format of AMA. However, this gave riders more opportunities to either make or break their chances to Loretta Lynn’s. Check back tomorrow for the remaining classes!


Chance Blackburn didn’t do as well as he hoped today during his schoolboy 1 motos, yet he looked good on the bike!

Is he related to Matthew?! Just kidding, this photo shows Mcconaughey scrubbin’ a split second before crashing hard! He seemed to be all right though and continued forward. Unfortunately, I noticed him on the ground a few times through out the day, but when he was up, he was railin’.

Marcel the talking shell with shoes on ;) aka Michelle Smith! Chell was flying today during her three motos battling back and forth with Allison Miller. After taking two runner up spots, Chell got in the right mind set and went out to take the win in moto three! Good job girly!

Reid Snyder had a few good motos today in his 250 B stock class and he's a cutie too!

Oh boy, the day was definitely not in Sanayei’s favor! After being held up on the start, Darian crashed a couple times and was only able to make it to 15th in the first moto. His second moto was much better and he charged through the pack to finish fourth. After another terrible start and a few more crashes, Darian took an overall placement of 8th place in the 250 B Stock class, luckily he has the opportunity to qualify in the SW!

This photo shows Thomas Covington coming over the finish line in first place after Chris Alldredge went tumbling down the side of the hump. Thomas Covington rode smooth and smart enough to take the win. He also looked fast during his other motos, however in the end, TC had bad luck and DNF’d his last race.

Brook Whipple rode awesome all day. She was comfortably sitting in second place most of the time, until taking a fall during her second moto. After some bad luck due to more falls, her day ended in tears when she was unable to qualify for Loretta’s. “At least I know what I need to do to prepare for next year, I’m excited to start training the right way and come out on top next time!” –Brook

Jammin’ through the corners all day, Josh rode great and finished with multiple top threes!

Pierce Brown almost taking a fall while chasing down Hernandez!


Jaisaac rode amazing today and qualified 2nd in the 250 B stock class, going to Loretta’s woo whoo!

Aussi Aussi Aussi, Oi Oi Oi! Luke Reardon has been on the gas all weekend!

Happy campers :)

Nothing but laughs and smiles!

Austin Hunsaker out of Utah rode well today.

Just another photo of Jai!

Rachel Kallgard did real well today! Congrats to her for making it to Loretta’s after finishing fourth in the women’s class!

Jennifer Burton showed up to race today after not practicing yesterday, yet she didn’t let this affect her speed and ended up with the win in her women’s class.

Savage finished his day successfully with a couple wins and the rest top 5’s!

Tokarski also did really well and looked fast during his pro races!

Epstein made each pro race interesting to watch, whether it was Burns or Savage, Dillan was not far behind giving the leader a run for their money. Epstein also had good luck and was able to take a win of his own in a couple motos as well!

Josh demonstrating how to throw down!




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