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Well this weekend’s been long, hot, and dusty! For some it ended with tears of joy and others shed tears of disappointment. Congratulations to the riders who made it to Loretta’s and good luck to the rest who are either headed down to Glen Helen for the southwest qualifier, other regions, or simply just training hard to prepare for next year! Can’t wait to be back at the races, summer time come faster! :

He does what he wants!

Dillan Epstein rode very well, finishing up front again with Austin Burns in the Open Pro Sport class.

Poor Aaron Siminoe had a rough first moto after crashing on the first lap of the Open Pro Sport race. He had hit a hay bale that was moved inward and it caused him to fall way behind. He worked hard to catch the rest of the pack though, and managed to pull off

He needs all the extra energy he can get!

Hahah, pals!

Pals part 2!

Jaisaac up in the front of the pack during School boy 2 (13-16), he rode smart and took a third this moto.

Wyatt Fowler getting a little sideways over the triple! Fowler had his ups-and-downs today with unfortunate falls, but still charged through the pack and managed to get a few decent finishes.

Jaisaac’s signature style!

Reid Snyder wasn’t having the best of day after taking an 11th in his first moto of the School boy 2 class and then going down during his 250 B mod moto which gave him a 32nd place finish.

The eye of the tiger. Sanayei hoping to have a better race than his last after having his bike blow up during the first School boy 2 moto. He had the start; he went through the first and second corners then was forced to push his bike off the track.

Discussing the pros and cons of Jai’s race!

Jammin was doing so well in his 65 7-11 Mod race. The crew was cheering him on as he made his way toward the front. Unfortunately, Josh ended up making a mistake and going down, which gave him an 8th place for that moto.

Hahaha, Jaisaac posing for Emilia

After hearing name after name after name be called, finally number 63 was able to head to the line. I was expecting Jaisaac to be pinched off on the start, but this kid jumped quickly out of the gate and pulled a nice holeshot!

Mark Worth post-race. He and Jon Jon Ames were battling the entire moto and Worth ended up making the move on the last lap!

See ya'all next time!!!!!

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