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What’s up everybody! Day one of racing is complete! All though there wasn’t any rain today, it was humid as ever! Racing ended at seven o’clock, and the first round of motos will be done by one o’clock tomorrow; starting the second round right off the bat.


“Lets go to the beach beach, lets go get away!” Redbull made some cool changes to the spectating area.

Justin Hoeft went two for two today winning both the Mini Sr 12-14 stock and mod classes!

9 A.M. moto; 250 B Stock start!

Sanayei had a back of the pack start but managed to pull off a 9th place.

Jaisaac pulled out with a 38th gate pick ha ha.

About the second lap, Jaisaac met up with some more trouble and got caught up with a couple riders.

Jace Owen with both feet off the pegs

The North Carolina natives led the pack this morning in the 250 B Stock race…It was Shane McElrath who took the early lead and created a little gap between himself and second place. Towards the end of the moto, Cooper Webb was right on his tail…creeping real close and keeping him modest!

Today wasn’t Jai’s day, but he’s going to kill it tomorrow!

Ryan Surrat pulled off an impressive fourth place finish

Carter Halpain rode awesome and got top two in both of his classes!

Right up there with his team mate Halpain, going back and forth continuously around the track, was the number 82 of Garret Marchbanks!

Sick setup!

His last amateur race; Zack Bell took the 250 A win of the day! He has managed to sustain an injury every time I’ve seen him, but when he’s healthy, he doesn’t let a thing stop him from winning!

Getting stuck on rocks < for these girlies…however, it provides hilarious entertainment for me ;)

Once that gate slammed to the ground, AC was gone with a 22 second lead and well on his way to getting those 11 titles (the record of championships shared by Alessi and Stewart).

Mechanic and rider bonding moments!

Rachael- “Look how cool I look” Chell- “Let’s do this thaaaang”

Ohhh yeahh, top 5 baby!

Chellster was rockin’, cannot wait for second motos!

Everywhere you looked around, the fences were stacked with people waiting to watch RC’s return to the Ranch!

The G.O.A.T.

After having the doctor tell you you cannot ever ride again, it’s very impressive to go out there and take a second place behind Carmichael! Andrew Matusek with a very emotional podium speech!

His kids were way happy to see him win :)

Going H.A.M. on the pedal bike!

Blake Harris taking a hard crash

Braxton Prieto trying to make something happen!

It was beyond amazing to be able to see Jake Masterpool race and rep older brother Jesse’s number!



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