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Hey everyone! Jaisaac had a couple late motos, right in time for the heat! Overall, I’d have to say the day went pretty well! We’re supposed to be getting hit with severe thunderstorms this evening…this happened on the same day last year! /: hopefully we don’t have tornado issues! I’ll let you know what goes down tomorrow!

Playin’ in the sand! Who knew you could go to the beach at the track?! Best of both worlds

Last time I saw this kid race he was railin’ on a P-dubb!

4Jesse :)

I’ve never been happier than I was to see lil’ Ty finish third while repping the number 95! Good job buddy!

Cooling off!

The Australian ripper Caleb Grothues rode awesome! He was leading the way the majority of the 65 7-11 Mod race, but went down on the last few laps. He ended up finishing second behind Mumford! It was definitely cool to hear him speak in his accent on the podium!

Jarek Balkovic flying through the air!

Schoolboy 2 mayhem sequence!

They see me rollinnnn’

I’m not too familiar with this guy, but he was fast! Josh Osby took the Schoolboy 2 moto win!

Luckily Jai didn’t get caught up in that mess…instead, he pulled a sick start from the very inside gate!

Hungry? How about a Kawasaki sandwich

Little JS style for ya


#BigAirTom hahaha

Colton Ford was out for the remainder of the moto!

Quick pit stop before podium speech!

Micah and Mikey right there on the action

T-Cov explaining the mishap and what not of the start!

Jaisaac rode great and took a second that moto!

The aftermath! Recuperating for his 3 o’clock race!

Mikey hard at work

Sloan with another close lead! Unfortunately, Jaisaac took a hard fall on the first lap causing him to pull off early /:

Fantastic Four battling the entire 20 minutes plus two laps!

Jordon Bailey on the gas taking the W!

Brandon Smith charging

Carter Halpain seemed to have some trouble today getting up to the front where he usually sits! Hopefully he gets everything situated and gets back up top!

Poor Jai contemplating his last moto…rang his bell!

Savage looked good today! During his early moto, Blake was running second the whole time, but tipped over causing him to fall to 8th. He rode well and charged back up to 5th!

Vann Martin has been on fire! He’s been riding so well in the Pro class!

Dillan Epstein rode great, but doesn’t seem to be feeling so great body wise! He informed everyone about how he woke up with a strange cold and cannot breathe regularly!

Joey’s not too happy with his past couple rides!

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