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Day 3 of racing is in the books! Jaisaac had the day off and was able to rest, but tomorrow he is first race of the morning! Take a look at the action & come back again! Ps. the storm lasted about 5-10 minutes last night & no tornado!! :)


J-Mac likes to keep his ride camouflaged while he changes his oil!

Hannah Hodges had the early lead and led most the time until she took a fall!


Chell chasing them down! She rode so well & finished 5th! Great job girlie!

RC didn’t grab the holestart today…

The #79 of Augie Lieber took a hard hit off the track and onto the ground during the Junior 25+ race!

Ricky didn’t let any fans down; by the third corner Carmichael passed not one but two riders and took the lead!

Harold joining the fans to view the G.O.A.T ease his way to the win!

So cool to be able to see him race again!

Matty Rice up close and personal

Mrs. and Mrs. Carmichael!

These two were so entertaining on the podium! She was totally rubbing being able to hold the gold medal in his face!!

Z-Cat on the gas!

Dakota Alix was out for the remainder of the moto!

Slicing & Dicing! These two were going back and forth the entire race, and it was Bisceglia who finished out on top!

This guy is amazing! Darius Glover joined the 250 B Mod class on their site lap!

During the 12-14 Stock race, Joey Crown gave the unstoppable Justin Hoeft a run for his money until going down! Braxton Prieto was right there to capitalize on Crown’s mistake and finished strong with a second place!

Ohhh Yeahh :) Go head over to the Verizon booth to take a sneak peek at their newest phone & getchaa some fresh gum and chapstick while you’re at it!

The things people do!

Annual dude ranch photo!

Ten Man Push has been providing the beach goers with live entertainment everyday!

He looks so happy! :) Since Rylas can’t race here this week, he’s throwing down some lap times at the Redbull tent!

Joey Savagty has to be feeling better today! He grabbed the start and took the win!

Reid and Dylan rooting on the buddies!

Savage getting a little sketchy off the single!

Ty Masterpool with the holestart!! So awesome!

Pierce Brown was going strong, chasing down the front riders, but ended up going down!

Brandon Hernandez killing it!

Pup number one!

Pit board drama!


Pup number two, looking a little ferocious!

Carson has to be pumped! He said yesterday was his first win, and he took another one today!

All smiles for this Aussie! :)

Farmer Jake cheering on his younger bro!

Tired guy! Ty was riding like a mad man out front, but took a fall with Brown /:

The love boat! Just kidding, these kids are crazy to go paddle boating in that swamp!

Jaisaac the shuttle driver! He and the crew going up to watch Jonah!

The Hernandez family is so supportive and such great friends of the Sloans’!

Mikey’s Nikes are looking a little on the dirty side, I think he needs to get a fresh new pair!



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