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Hey hey hey! The day went well! We had some droplets of rain this morning adding to the muddy mess already formed on the track, but after some time the track was good to go! Most of the second motos were completed with only one day of Loretta Lynn’s 2012 left! Come back tomorrow!


Ruben & Emskiiiii :)

With a terrible start, Jaisaac wasn’t able to make too much happen out of the race! /:

Cruisin for babes!

Marcel the shell passing for 5th;)

Good job girly, you rode great this week!!!


Robbie Reynard gave RC a run for his $$$ for four laps!

The Lone Ranger

The track was quite muddy this morning!

After getting caught in that horrific crash first run of the Schoolboy 2 class, Jordon Smith just wanted to get a start and prove what he was made of and took the win.

The crowd was insane! The fans here are way supportive! I have to say, it’s definitely been a joy to see the G.O.A.T. come back to the Ranch and win with ease!

Team work

Little Elise getting interviewed like her daddy!

Media galore!

Dippin’ on the Zuma gone wrong!

Oooh, that sucks!

Tied in points in 250 B Stock; McElrath paced Webb the entire moto waiting to capitalize on any mistake Cooper could have possibly made!

Matt Vara from PC trying to decide where to place the hat! Unable to make his move, Cooper who took the championship!

He’s still very happy to take second!


Treats & Snoozin’…Snoozin’ & Treats!

Jordon Bailey takes home the 85 9-11 Mod championship!

Savagty and Epstein battling for second place in 250 A!

Mikey gave Michelle a difficult time this morning by soaking her with Pepsi, water, and Gatorade! Hahaha

Yeahhh, I don’t think he realized someone was watching him…Rylas was dancing in front of the fan!

Thomas is excited to have his laundry done!

Brandon kept on spraying Mikey, so of course Mikey’s going to get the kid back! Lol

Up to no good! :)

Don Naughty Just crawled out of the swamp ??

GO GET YOURSELF SOME HI-CHEWS! :D So yummy, I recommend the Peach

Powered by Micah “Are you sure you know how to put on graphics?!” –Michelle “Yeah, it’s actually one of my secret talents!!” –Micah (10 Minutes later)… Micah- “so do you want bubbles or no??” oh boy!

AC almost has the same size of crowd watching him as RC!

I spotted Macy from Teen Mom, long time motocross fan, and we had to get a picture with her! :)


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