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Last day of Loretta’s 2012! It’s been a good time to say the least, and I’m definitely not ready to head home (back to the rain ) The Schoolboy 2 race was the last moto of the day, just in time for the rain to hit! See you guys next time!


Vann Martin was going in to the 450 A in first place, but lost the championship due to bad luck involving a horrible start in the third moto!

After going 5 and 7, Blake Savage was looking at a 5th place overall in the 450 A! He rode great and was able to keep that position.

This guy had some bad luck at the beginning of the week after taking a 9th place for the first round, but like he said, the week only got better! He made it up with his riding in the last two motos… Savagty got the holestart and kept the gas on, taking the win both times!

With Martin and Savagty out for the championship win, it left Jesse Wentland and Zack Williamson to battle for first! They kept the crowd on their toes the entire time, dicing back and forth!

Jesse Wentland has to have the best sportsmanship I have ever seen! Although he couldn’t make the final pass, he congratulated Zack Williamson multiple times and was genuinely happy for him!

Micah 1000 doing work!

Jonah getting ready to race!

Nothing better than a slight breeze in this awful weather!!

I love this Aussie!

Pierce Brown making his way to top 5

B. Hernandez charging hard

Climbing his way to the top 10

Now that’s a heavy load!

J-Mac Mackin a dubb!


Waiting for Jaisaac’s and Darian’s final moto!

Building the ultimate sand track

Ain’t nothing but a G-thangg

Getting the start!

Pshh, the boys both had terrible starts!!

Working his way through the pack…Sanayei was tied for third place, but wasn’t able to make the passes he needed to and ended up taking a 5th overall for Schoolboy 2

Competition all around, Jaisaac trying to make moves!

It’s definitely hard to work your way up when you get a bad start /:

Even though these two are not contenders for the championship, they still didn’t let up! Thomas Covington had Jarek Balkovic right on his back tire, pushing him to give everything he has!


Z-Cat going strong!

Not the best week for this boy, with a few great rides I wish he could’ve kept up the good starts!

B gurl Emski rawk and Scott.. awwwww

Balkovic moved down to third and it was Baker now pressuring T-Cov…the last 3 laps were very interesting to watch! The number 64 took the win, but with the finishes he had the first race he placed third overall!

All fun & games! Hahahaa, yes I gotcha Reid! This guy has never wanted his photo taken!



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