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Well here we are back at the compound in good ole Perris with tons of awesome friends. Check these photos below and share them with a friend!


Tha crib in the am.

Right off the bat in the mornin the Babes were cookin....So we filmed it.

Mikayla showin off the goods.

Naughty showin off the goods as well.

Naughty got game.

Delicious breakfast while Aaron DJ's.

You know Naughty got those dance moves.

Naughty and Aaron showin off they eyewear.

Wheres the rest of the crew?...Oh they were at Lucas Oil MX fomerly Starwest shredding while we were eating breakfast.

Jammin Josh had already popped his tire by the time we got there :(

Still smilin though!

You know you love this number.

Jaisaac sloan smilin for da ladies.

Jaisaac whippin it.

Look out for that red building Jaisaac.

Jaisaac sittin sideways.

Jaisaac whippersnapper.

Jaisaac doin a brody.

Jaisaac close up whipper.

Jaisaac getting covers baby.

Jaisaac over the mouuntain whipper.

J mashing a turn wit dat speed.

Naughty tellin Jaisaac where the track is.

Aaron tellin Jaisaac where the track is. Wait never mind we're on it.

The rap battle master stopped by to say whats up.

Jaisaac skims over the woops section about as far on the back of his bike as possible.

Jaisaac whipped the windows out of that red building.

Jaisaac low !!!! scrubbin it!

Jaisaac sideways tippin

At the new Lucas oil Mx they gat a supercross track now too.

Naughty filmin Shmitty.

Jonah flossin my hat. Jonah has 99 problems and his bike is one.

Naughty found a dog and became friends with him.

Richard from Axtion runs the sh*t!

Me n Naughty stopped on the way home for refreshments.

The homeys playing a heated game of basketballer. Shields dominates!

Mikey doing what he does.

Mikeys Nikes!

Back to Lucas Oil mx for friday night races.

Im callin no homo on me n Naughtys shadows.

Jaisaac and Austin lookin fresh.

Paul lookin like a BO$$.

Aaron killin it.

Aaron and Brittney.....Awwwwwwww.

Sam went hard as hell on a fluid MX 100!

Austin was tryin to take a bite out of something.

Brandy was obviously happy about Jammins results.

Pit crew!

A lot of smiling faces because the 63 mafia was winning the hell out of the track!

No riding tomorrow + supercross = bonfire celebration

Don't mess with the Naughty or you might get a whippin.

Who wants some steak?

Steak please.

Mikey gettin at dat steak.

Don't get 2 close 2 Naughty...You might get licked.

On the come up. Cee lo.

Naughty taking in the view.

Crew chillin.

Mikey's Nikes on fire.

Aaron on fire.

Paul caught mid dance.

Not everyone likes gettin photos taken of them..

Brittany and Aaron nails.


Flash in yo eyes.

Snydes got a beard.


??????? dancing maybe??

Naughty wearing a helmet in case he falls.

Naughty wants some ciggs.

Paul very happy :)

Lets trade.

synchronized dance routine.

All up in the camera yellin!

Naughty done......See you at supercross!

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