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The gang shreds Lucas Oil on a sunny Wednesday morning ...or afternoon....or whatever.


Gettin ready to leave for Lucas Oil Mx.

Cole reppin that set!

Goggle cam in the motorhome.

More that goggle cam.

Stoppin for some gas in the whip.

Lucas Oil is holding it down!

Glasses cam on the unload.

Mikeys Nike's chillin with some vans.

Never mind they don't open till 2:00....Lets go get the whip stuck at Nuevo.

Mission accomplished.

Maybe we can push it out.

This nice neighbor lady helped us out with some chains.

What should we do?

Lets pull it out.

Lets dig it out.

Strike a pose it out.

Nah lets go for a ride cuz we can't ride bikes yet.

The old sticks in the grill joke....Classic!

Lets try some wood under the tire.

The crew was getting antsy and wanted to ride bad.

After 2 hours finally got it out. Lets bail Nuevo and go eat.

Mexican food. Lets feast!

Heading back to Lucas Oil Mx.

Try my spider technique on for size.

Cole Martinez about to get some help picking his nose.

Cole turnin and burnin.

Supercross Cole floatin.

Naughty right under Cole like a bo$$.

Reid mashin all speedy like.

Austin Bruckshaw had a nice whip session over the big table. part 1 of 4

Austin Bruckshaw had a nice whip session over the big table. part 2 of 4

Austin Bruckshaw had a nice whip session over the big table. part 3 of 4

Austin Bruckshaw had a nice whip session over the big table. part 4 of 4

Jammin Josh doing the cat pounce.

Reid Snyder diggin holes.

Reid climbin rocks....Wait, no he's jumping around them.

Jaisaac jumping around off the same hit.

Jaisaac gettin low on a left hander turn cuz he's left handed.

I told Jaisaac not to ride on those houses but he didnt listen.

The crew taking a little breather with Babu security makin sure everythings cool.

Insert whip crack sound here_____ Jaisaac whip.

Jammin and Ried flying together.

Jaisaac flinged the hell out of this turn.

Jammin executing perfect form on this right hander turn.

Lucas oil is surrounded by rocks...picturesque lovely rocks.

Practicing starts.

Jaisaac floating a brody.

Look out for that mountain Jaisaac.

Look at that look in Jaisaacs eyes here. He means business. Look at it I said!

Austins bike broke again...Sad time :(

Naughty gettin the camera in Becca Brickley's grill.

Becca up close and personal. QT!

Oh yea Becca shreds too!

Becca was trying to land on that wire but she missed.

Becca floating one without fear of the boys catching her.

Naughty filming Becca. Wait....Becca look out for that red house!

Sam helping Becca out with some friendly advice

Naughty doing something other than drinking ha ha.

Becca hair flinging in the wind.

Relaxing at the table after a hard day of riding.


The sun's setting at Lucas Oil. Good night ya'all !


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