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June 27 2012

We rolled the whole crew to Mammoth Lakes California to shred the national with the whole crew. Today was Jammin Josh day!!! Peep the pics and share them with a pal or a gal.

6 am call time at the track...Soooo pretty!

We out here. I hate that saying but we are ha ha.

Mr Jammin Josh throwing up a proper westside at my request.

You can't park your motorhomes here so we grabbed a few bikes and van'd it.

Travis throwin up a westside cuz we in Cali.

Paul throwin up a westside. You can't stop these homeys from throwin westsides!

Ketchup packets for speed.. Duh.

G-code Jammin reppin his kit!

Lot of hungry homeys there today. Look at all that smoke. The overall survival rate for those with lung cancer, sadly, remains at around 15%. Harsh!

Jammin Josh flippin a whipper in the am.

The stars aligned and I got some cool lighting on Jammin in a turn.

Tanner Amarillas floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee.

Tanner tried to Evil Kinevil over the whole parking lot.

Braxton Prieto is tougher than you...That is a fact!

Jammin Paul gleaming the cube! Flawless!!

Travis loves these rc car thingys. You can tell by the thumbs up he's throwing.

Tanner, back of the bike for max speed mane!!!!

Braxton making a pass like he does.

Brandon Hernandez getting some fatherly advice at the start line.

Brandon gettin ahead.

Gettin krunk on the track!!!

Brandon H with the perfect corner technique.

Jammin Josh getting ahead of these dudes.

Jammin Josh is the MAN!!!!

Who is that? Thats Mad Max Miller back on the attack.

Jammin ran into some problems today. A snake jumped onto the track and scared Jammin off his bike. He'll get em next time! Stupid snakes.

Max Max makin the pass!

Hayden chillin like a BOWSE!!!

There were some full gates today.

Jammin would have had the hole shot if it weren't for this 209 character...Jeeze, how rude.

I just like this photo.

Jammin with a proper robble over the jump thing.

Tanner trying to hide behind a tree but I caught him.

Braxton prieto is Sam's boy!

Braxton wowing one for the crowd!

Braxton may or may not like the Beastie boys.

Pit crew chillinnnnnnn!!!!!!

Paul is always in a good mood and it's awesome! #knucks ha ha

I love the trees out here, so beautiful!

They sell beer at the food stand too!!! Awesome!!!! Also Beer is the world's most widely consumed alcoholic beverage; it is the third-most popular drink overall, after water and tea.

Like I said I love the trees here!!


Hayden having fun with some new goodies!!

Moto moms rule!!!!!!!!!!

Jonah and Tyler came through with some headphones.

Race order.

Sam almost kicked the sun out of the sky today!

Paul tying his shoe like someone we know.

Jaisaac showed up to support Jammin!

Mikeys Nikeys lookin fly as usual.

Hayden and his friend chillin.

Austin has the sickest gear!

Westsiding in the westside!

Jammin trying to cool off! Oatmeal is 84 percent water.

I think this one is a given.

Mikeys Nikeys stomping!

Mikeys Nikeys high 5ing!

Mikey shading on some fun ha ha.

Kyle Greeson killing it!

So I tried to jump this fence and it ripped a hole in my jeans, then I fell on it and broke it with my ribs and a bunch of people saw it.. Not embarrassing at all.

Jammin bout to throw some roost.

Jammin throwing a sick one!

Jammin finish line attack.

The track was popping off!!! There are more chickens on earth than there are people, over three billion in china alone.

Jonah, Braxton, Jaisaac, and Tyler chillin!

Get that shade Jammin staying cool!

Group shooooooootttt!!!!!!!

Busy pits!

Jammin bout ready to shred it.

Tyler Rosa breakin em off.

Mad Max making a mad pass.

Mad Max killing it!

Look at these benches! So rad!!

The old bananna peel in the tailpipe trick.

Jammin Hayden chillin with a friend.

Jammin Paul throwin up a french fry westside.

Utopia reppin 324 crew!!

Awards! You know Jammin's in there!!!

Good turn out here! So many fast riders killed it!

Throw yo hands in the air if you's a G!

These colors don't run ha ha. See ya'all tomorrow!



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