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What’s happening!? Ahhh, it’s Mammoth time, one of my favorite places of ever! I love everything about this town and the atmosphere is sooo chill! :) One of the best ideas this track has ever had is to separate the racing depending on the size of the bikes, which means today was practice for the big bikes! The day went pretty smooth; a little breezy, extra dusty, but overall decent! Didn’t seem to have any major crashes either, which is definitely a plus! Something I highly dislike, very much so, is I cannot go out on the track because of my age /: so here are some from the sidelines, check back tomorrow for all the action & lotsss more snapshots! Outtti –Miranda



Brooky Whipple flyin’ high. Didn’t get to see much of her today due to some mechanical issues, but she’ll be fine and I’m sure rippin’ it out there tomorrow!

Nick Decarli rode well today!


Big Jai cruisin’

I was excited to see Chris Plouffe show up along with a few other fast guys, can’t wait to see what goes down in the pro class tomorrow!

D.Ep throwing down!

Young Lafountaine looked really good out there today!

Zach Peddie seemed to have fun as he was getting sideways pretty much every lap!

Dom Greeson rode well today as well

Nick Gaines & Jordan Smith both came a long ways for this race. These two were going at it all day, going to make for an interesting day of racing come tomorrow!


Cody McDonnough looked good today; I’m looking forward to seeing how he does tomorrow in the Junior class!

Sanayei dippin’

I’ve MIA from the races lately, but I was still surprised to see Rookie White on big bikes. He looked fast as ever though!

Joey Savagty rode awesome today

Andrew Silverstein was a little trouble maker today rubbin’ plastic with numerous riders! Hahaa, Silverstein rode real well!

Matt Bisceglia looked super fast, pumped to see him race tomorrow!

$Young Money$

Whadddup, putting the ol’ buddies to work; crew members in training!

Mikey doing what he does best! What a great mechanic; never has there been a time where I haven’t seen Mikey focused on making that bike look pretty! Lol

Day dreaminnnn’




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