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Mammoth motocross big bike races kicked off today and ran fairly smooth! The weather wasn’t too bad, a little windy here and there, but nothing that affected the racers! Check out the photos & come back tomorrow for more :)


James Gardiner with the start for the first division of 250 Intermediate!

Quentin Money charging in the B class!

Jonah supporting his boy Jai!

Sam rootin’ on Jaisaac!

Paul Coates rode great today!

Jake Lyon didn’t finish as well as he’d hoped to, but he definitely looked fast!

Jimmy pumping Jai up for his moto!

Sloan charging after Leith during his B class division!

Jaisaac looked good all day!

Reid Snyder doing what he can out there!

Darian Sanayei during his first intermediate moto spun out on the gate causing him to weave his way through the riders; luckily he managed to pull off a third place that race! His second moto didn’t go as smoothly; he ended up on the ground after getting hit mid air which tweaked his bars real bad. Sanayei was unable to finish his race.

Jaisaac shredding it.

This was a very exciting moto; these two finished so closely, it was hard to tell who crossed the checkered first! Both rode awesome!

Christian Craig came up to Mammoth, he looked fast as ever! It was cool, I definitely enjoy watching him race!

Post win- John Parkinson getting all the good shots!

Dom Greeson didn’t have the best of luck today, but looked good riding!

When you’re on the mountain, you don’t know what you’re likely to see!

Pre-moto smiles!

Best buds!

“This thing is crazy, you just hit the button and it’s all automatic, watch!”

A.White doing work

The start of the intermediate class main, right before the mayhem crash!

The ideal place to spectate here on Mammoth mountain

Matt Bisceglia had an amazing ride and was able to hold onto his lead the entire moto, despite the pressure close competitor Jordon Smith was putting on him!

Trustin Sjormitis looked fast today, poor guy always is getting his last name butchered

Reid Snyder was forced to pull of during his main event due to chain malfunctions!

Brandan Schaer did really well today in the pro class!

Wow, Alyas Wardius really impressed me with his speed today! He mentioned he wasn’t really looking forward to having to move up to pro, however he didn’t have a choice! He didn’t let the change affect him and his hard work truly showed as he was one of the top placers today!

Proud sister! Awesome job to Chris Plouffe for taking the champsionship!



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