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Ayyyo! Well, it’s time to say good bye to the beautiful town of Mammoth as today was Jaisaac’s last day for racing! I had a blast, but I’m definitely ready to move on and go have some fun with the Smith sisters :) Catch ya’ll in Oklahoma & Tennessee for some Ponca and Loretta’s action!


Z-Cat & Darian “discussing” the track

Alice Money racking up those shots!

Paul pumped on Jaisaac’s killer holeshot!

Jaisaac pulled the start, led for quite some time, but unfortunately lost a few spots by the end of the moto due to a flat tire!

Hugh McDonald was rippin’ it in the 250 Intermediate class!

Micah getting close ups!

“The better crew”

Lil’ Lawson practicing for the future!

Tokarski was looking super fast today!

Siminoe had a little bit better of luck today than he had yesterday!

Chris Plouffe rode awesome, taking a very close second behind Savagty!

Michael Maze did well in the pro class!

Joey Savagty having a little fun during the pro practice!


Start of the pro moto!

Savage came in hot and made a clean pass on Burns for the third spot!


Pals part 3!

#CrewLove :)

Sloan’s stuntin’

Rylas before his moto!

Final moto of 250 Intermediate! Unfortunately, Jaisaac and Darian both had terrible starts and started way way back. The race was 10 laps but both ended up finishing about mid pack /: Jordon Smith took the win; both Bisceglia and Coates crashed and had to work their way back through to the front.


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