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Today was a" let's go shoot at Milestone with the Rider 2 Rider guys" kinda day. Peep the photos below and don't forget to take them from here and share them with your friends and family on your facebooks, instagrams, twitters, photobuckets, myspaces, and everything else awesome. Thanks! Enjoy!


Austin loadin em up to roll to Milestone.

Guess who's baaaack??? Jonah Mack!!! That rhymed.


Jonah drove here yesterday in this hog.

Austin and Jaisaac high fiving for another good day in the dirt.

At Milestone MX time to unload.

Austin warming up Jaisaac's bike with a few wheelies.

Dressin up in the am.

Jonah's sicky number plate made from mud.

Jaisaac reppin that Utopia game.

Track is looking prime!

Jonah boxing with a bananna to warm it up.


Hanging water bottle dripping water blood?

Jonah getting those custom graphics.

Jonah waving hello on a warm-up lap.

The Rider 2 Rider mag homeys came out today to shoot Jaisaac for a cover!!

Jaisaac with a freshy helmet courtesy of TLD!

Jaisaac and Jonah playing a little game of tag.

Jonah going mountain climbing.

Jaisaac scrubbing one under the California sun.

Jonah trying to take his shirt off in the air again.

Jaisaac tight in a turn.

Jaisaac flinging one for all the racoon filmers.

Will.....Not a racoon filmer. Sorry Will.

Naughty (in the flannel) = racoon filmer ha ha.

Jammin Josh was cruisin hard today.

Jaisaac gettin low around dem turns.

Racoon filmer attack from up close!

Jammin spraying some roost.

Jaisaac manual through the woops part 1.

Jaisaac manual through the woops part 2.

Jaisaac staying as low to the ground as possible.

Austin "How's the bike feeling bro?"

Jaisaac, Jonah, and Jammin triple J through the woops.

Just a gang of cats running around the track.

We went a bit off the beaten path to stack a few photos with the rider 2 rider guys.

Here's another shot of that turn.

Jaisaac dragging bars!

Jaisaac shredding it!!!! This looks like he didn't pull this one off....




can see

he did !!!!

Jaisaac maybe dragging some elbow right here ha ha.

Rider 2 Rider dude gettin all close.

Some smiles in there.....Looks like they got the shot!!!!

Time for some interviews in the Milestone MX pro shop.

Jaisaac up in the hot seat!

Don Naughty as the racoon filmer.

Corey with the interview steeze.

Me touching a sandwich.

Will eating that sandwich...whoops!

Time for a Jaisaac and Naughty interview.

The Milestone Mx pro shop is looking prime!!!

See..Naughty likes it!

Reppin that Rider 2 Rider set!

Jonah...Something seems weird here.

Brock Lofton on his game.

Brock on his woops attack.

Jaisaac gettin a bit tilty.

Brock gettin all tilty too.

Jaisaac after riding. Barely broke a sweat.

Load em up and lets roll.

Back at the crib a very very very rare sight to see... A motocrosser doing homework. ?

Will keeping it shred by loading his footage on a skateboard.

Reid didn't shred today because of some bike problems but he did prep the rc car track.

Kent and J-barr chillin in the warm So Cal sunshine.

The rc car track is looking fresh.

Oso is a dog with many stories. Survivor of many angry neighbors gunshots....

J-Barr, Kent, and the homeys doing a little pit bike shredding.

And the race is on.

J-Barr off the rock.

J-Barr off the jump of death.

Kent off the rocky road.

Wadda you mean it's not mustache March???

"What's up bro?" Brothaz!

Naughty "How's my eye look?" ummm it looks fine Naughty...Just fine ha ha.

Austin washing and checking the bikes from head to toe like he does!


See ya'll next time!!!


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