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Just another fantastic day training at Milestone. We're about to hit the road so Jaisaac and Mikey had to test mad bikes today so they're ready for our trip. Smile!


Mikeys Nikeys chillin!

Sam and Brit showed up.

Schmitty always having a good time.

Reid "Raheem" Snyder blastin one.

Jaisaac going fast.

Jaisaac and some buildings.

Reid "Raheem" Snyder bouncing around.

Met this big fella today. awesome!

Hey good lookin.

Reid flingin one.

Jaisaac fully concentrated during a water break.

Jaisaac muggin. Lets get back on the track.

Jaisaac flying in front of that dude. #airbattles ha ha.

Reid "Raheem" Snyder killin it.

Jaisaac manny the woops? I think so!

Jaisaac gettin nicey.

Jaisaac speedy floater.

Gus chillin.

Dehart chillin too.

Gang shot with ill bgp's...(back ground props)

Brit on the scene you know what i mean.

Marine Mikey having a laugh.

Dehart sky high.

Jaisaac skidding around a turn mid battle.

Jaisaac left turn.

Sam gettin low on this lefty turn.

HB shooting for the moon.

Jaisaac thru the rythms.

Reid "Raheem" Snyder doing some of the rhythms too.

This kid was killlin it!

Jaisaac gettin up on one tire.

Jaisaac gettin some air.

Jaisaac floats a brody.

Reid "Raheem" Snyder gettin right.

HB woops robble.

Gus out the corner with speed.

Reid "Raheem" flyin around.

Jaisaac had a lot of bikes to test today.

Just incase you forgot...We're still at Milestone.

Mikey fix bikey.

Jaisaac sittin sideways.

Jaisaac diggin in the dirt.

Jaisaac looking fresh with speed out the corner.

Loading up to leave.

A few of us stopped at Sizzler.

A feast fit for kings. All you can eat.

I jacked them for some mac n cheese in a bag.

I got to ride home with this lil lady right here. Se ya'all next time.



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