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Milestone! Milestone! Milestone training!

Where we headed to? Milestone yes!

Mikey bout to unload bikey with a smile.

Mikey unload bikey!

Utopia of course.

Say cheese!

Blake Green is A OK.

A very rare underneath view of Mikeys nikes.

Jaisaac wasting no time getting into the air.

And then getting sideways.

Jaisaac bout to land on some peeps.

Jaisaac kickin some roost in yo face....wait..... no.... my face ha ha.

Jaisaac going for a fast zip zinger yo.

Jaisaac turning right aight.

Jaisaac manual throught the whoops like a bowse!

Jaisaac manual throught the whoops like a bowse part 2!

Jaisaac whippin one for fun.

Jacob Barnes diggin!

Jacob Barnes through the whoops.

You know I like this one Jacob one foot karate kick!

Reid Snyder with a cat pounce.

Reid diggin ruts.

Busy day at Milestone!

Blake Green watchin the homeys shred.

Dustin Barnes catchin some air.

Jaisaac and Reid battle all day.

Jaisaac and Reid battle all day part 2.

Jaisaac diggin!

Heres Dustin Barnes with a cat pounce.

Reid Snyder gettin low.

Jaisaac whipper snapper thingy.

Jaisaac and Reid friendly air battle.

Chatting and filming on the track.

Reids new hat.


Yup, we're here!

Hunter interviewing Jaisaac in the motorhome inbetween motos.

Hunter and Max getting geared up for a few laps.

This was the only pic I got before.........

I saw a bike come bouncing at me. Unfortunately when the bike settled I read the plate to be #100. Hunter.....Bummer.

The homeys standing by wishing they could help somehow. I think he's out with a broken collerbone and wrist.

ha ha ha ha.

Pit life.

Dog life.

Jaisaac lovin life.

Jammin Josh jumping over a truck.

Sean flying high.

Jaisaac turning hard.

Jaisaac killin it.

Trying to get artsy. If you look close you can see Jaisaac in the right corner.

Jaisaac big jump prespective.

Reid "look out below!

These pups got tired and so did the crew. lets wrap it up.

I made em pose for a lil group photo. AWWWWWW.

But wait....Hayden missed the group photo so I got a mini group kick it pic.

Reid was thirsty.

See ya'all next time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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