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Hey people of the internet! Today with JAISAAC'S bikes still getting worked on he got to borrow Rylas's bike again and shred Milestone with some radical homeys!!!!



Here we are on the road to the greatest track ever......

These clouds were lookin kinda dark...uh oh.

Yep right here at the best track ever...Milestone MX.

Colt 45 and Jaisaac got there and Tristan was already shredding.

Tristan pulled off to say what's up.

Colt 45 got himself some breakfast.

Getting ready to shred.

The Uddbergs two days in a row!!!! It must be christmas!

Almost ready now.

Tristan getting right to it with the whipper snapper.

Tristan was lookin good in the corners today too.

Tristan whipping one.

This is Daniel Speedlove and he shreds it hard !!

Speedlove lookin speedy!

Speedlove whipping one.

Jaisaac looking sharp in the corners.

Tristan gassin it up.

Rylas has his bike dialed and it shows.

Jaisaac flying over a double.

Jaisaac to the right.

Jaisaac to the left.

Under the watchfull eye.

Rylas through the woops like a bowse.

Speedlove deep in thought.

Tristan doing his thing.

Chillin in the pit.

Friendly battle.

Jaisaac and Speedlove friendly battle.

Milestone was packed today!

Jaiasaac and Speedlove again.

Rylas blasting out of the front section.

Jaisaac full force to the back of the bike.

Jaisaac hollering at this turn about to holler at some more stuff.

Jaisaac staying low.

Check the skid plate ha ha.

Rylas above the huge triple.

Jaisaac jumping over a mountain.

This jump is large!

Oh whats up dawg.

Jaisaac airtiming it.

Jaisaac with a nice corner brody.

Ryan showed up to watch for a minute.

Jaisaac at Milestone flying around.

Shout out to Leatt for hooking up this awesome neckbrace!!!

Rylas was all like "noooo waaaayyyy"

Jaisaac throwing one for the ratchets!

Jaisaac was looking very comfortable on Rylas's KTM!

I took this picture but I didn't realise how weird it was until later. There's a dude doing a catwalk on a little bike in the background ha ha.

Lunchtime !

Colt 45 hooked up this lock on Speedloves bike ha ha.

Ha ha, don't worry he got it off.

We went to the shop to say hello to Brandy.

Thats a good deal!

Micah 1000 just hanging out.

Tristans dog "Moto" is awesome!!!

Thomas's grill piece lookin fresh.

Chillin after riding. Colt 45 is still having bike problems and hopefully they will be figured out by tomorrow!

Moto rules!!!!!

Rylas after he got back from some trail riding. Looks like he fell in a puddle.

Sad flower.

Happy dog MOTO!!!

Speedlove's graphics.

Colt 45 with a halloween arm at the food store.

I grabbed an alien hockey player out of a quarter machine.

Mikey stocking up some goodies.

Thought I forgot didn't you....Mikeys nikeys coming in hot!!!! See ya next time peeps!!

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