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YEAAAAAAAA (insert Lil John voice here) HWAAAAAAATTTTT??? Thats right!!! The 63 Mafia is back going hard as usual. Training, shredding, and having a good time !!!!!. Peep the pics below and smile!

I know ya'all missed Mikeys Nikes so I had to start this one off with a big ole Mikes Nikes shot in yo face!

Yes we do all ride!

Jaisaac DJ ing on the way to Milestone.

The famous Milestone Hollywood sign!

The homey Brandon Beaver was there reppin!

Mikey trying to run over me while unloading ha ha.

Mikey checkin every bolt.

Reid wearing some board shorts.

Putting that helmet on looks painfull. Im glad I didnt put one on.

Saddle up partner.

Jaisaac's first day back on the track after the injury and this is what I get.......Hell yea!!!!

I guess all that physical training paid off!

Jaisaac and Mikey discussing lap times.

Jaisaac with a proper manual across the woops section with speed.

"Dang my knee itches.....ahhh there we go"

Reid Snyder with some good form in the corner.

Jaisaac hanging in the air with some dude.

Reid Snyder with some forward lean.

Reid "get out from under me" Snyder

Up in the pits chillin!

Fresh in the pits chattin.

Just takin a break from the sun.

Sean Frommelt lookin tough.

BB Brandon Beaver floatin one.

HB gettin his!

Back to Brandon!

Jaisaac wanted a turn.

Reid about to land on this homey.

Jaisaac leadin the pack.

Sean Frommelt cutting through the air!

Sean coming in hot.

Sean's corner speed looking great!

Sean out the corner flying.

Brandon lover this!

See!! Brandon lookin smooth!

Jaisaac kicking some steeze into the air.

Reid flying right up behind him.

These two were battling all day!

BB and HB at it again!

Reid going ham.

Mikey "keep yo leg up" training from up close ha ha

I'd hate to see what happened to the guy who was wearing this!

Jaisaac kicking some dirt.

Jaisaac kicking some dirt part 2.

Jaisaac kicking some dirt part 3. Not to be confused with house party 3.

This guy was there!

Relaxing in the pits.

Sam Collins....I have no idea how he got this high??

Jaisaac banana toss.

Yours truly jumpin around.

Mikey caught off guard.

The Frommelt clan showing their support!

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