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Well here we are heading out for a very long road trip. Stop #1 :Decatur Texas

This was a lot of our scene from the back of the whip. Jaisaac, Jonah, and myself took turns on the 24 hour drive. (we stopped 3 hours to skateboard)

The back seat we took turns sleeping in so we could drive through the night.

Mikeys Nike's and a No Toil filter to start the day.

Trying to get artsy through the lens during a Mikey timelapse.

Our pit for the next few days while we train at Oak Hill.

Mikey lookin fresh out thurr.

Austin Bruckshaw with a lefty turn.

Jaisaac fast out of a turn. Get out the way!!

FMF and Dunlop reppin in Texas.

Mitch Oldenburg blazing!

A big crew training together.

Ok now I want you guys to jump that jump over there.

Jammin Josh with a fresh whippersnapper to.......

Disaster for Jammin.

Jammin look out there's 6 big bikes about to land there.

Somehow Jammin survived and ran for cover.

Everyone regrouped and tried to figure out how Jammin survived that crash.

Then it was back to the shred for Jaisaac and Mikey.

Jaisaac tree bashing.

Ryan flinging a zip zinger.

Mc Coy Oldenburg gettin trill in Oak Hill.

Mikey floatin one like a G.

Tyler Livesay takin a breather.

Ryan shreddin one while Mc Coy follows close

Tyler Livesay gettin illy.

Who's going first?

Ryan and Mc Coy Oldenburg looking vury stylish.

Jonah Mack hangin out in the trees.

Tripps homies=fresh!

Jonah Locks scrubbin like he was mad at dem.

Jonah diggin in the dirt.

Jonah flying high. No relation to super man.

Jonah roosting everybody.

Jonah with some steeze in da corner.

Jonah going for the hydroplane.

Did not quite work out.

Hellllppppp my bikes sinking!

They all thought it was so funny.

HB and Mikey got in on the action.

Lets tow it out. Hurry its sinking more.

Mikey got stuck in the quicksand.

Almost got it!

Yeaa finally got it!

I said "got damn Dunlops fast"

Jaisaac srub a dub dub.

Jaisaac scrub a dub dub part 2.

Reppin that set.

See you there.

Mikey cleaning his Nike's... o wait he's fixing a bike.

Jaisaac left handed shred corner.

Austin almost fell off his bike here....wait never mind thats a scrub.

Austin Bruckshaw scrubbin over a tunnel.

Jaisaac Sloan blasting out of a corner.

Austin Powers dodging trees.

Austin tryin to kick a tree.

This angle was Austins idea. Good one!

Since 1975! Damn!!!

Jeff Nix showed up lookin all skinny.

A little spelling Bee to end the night.

Oak Hill Texas...See you tomorrow friends!

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