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Guess where we shredded today??? If you guessed Perris raceway then you were right!! Fun in the sun for the 63 Mafia!!!!

Gettin ready to get shredy!

Jaisaac smiling for the camera before the shred.

I saw this on Mikeys I-pad and I was like "TRUUUUUEEEE"

Spy cam through the door on the kid.

Mikeys Nikeys for sure.

Welcome to Perris Raceway the oldest motorcycle track in California...More like the oldest sign in California ha ha.

Always good to see this guy. Thomas Uddberg boyee!

Silhouette of some rad dudes. Bet you can guess who.

Tools to get the job done.

Thomas double checkin to make sure its all good.

Safety first people!

Jammin Josh reacting to his new nickname "Jammin Ginger"

The tractor homey was shredding hard.

Rylas all padded up and ready to shred.

And on to the track. Jaisaac getting warmed up. Up there.

Jaisaac double up at Perris..

Rylas over the finish jump.

Rylas jumping over some dudes in their trucks.

Rylas Uddberg steezin for no reason.

Jammin Josh looking fresh.

Rylas with some proper form in a turn.

A flagger homey with some proper form also.

Jaisaac borrowed Rylas's bike for some laps because it matched his outfit. jk jk.

Jamminn Josh gettin sprayed by a flagger.

I've never seen Jaisaac on a KTM before...I think he liked it!

Jammin Josh reppin for the gingers!

Jaisaac gettin down on the KTM.

Jaisaac found a shortcut.

Jaisaac flingin a sick brody.

Jammin Josh tossin up an air bling.

Jaisaac gettin in on the air bling action.

Training. Its not all fun and games folks.

Jaisaac coming out the turn with speed.

Jaisaac and Rylas flying together.

Little homey Kniffing looking fresh.

Jaisaac hanging out in the rocks.

Up close and personal with ya boy in the corner

They have stairs on the jumps there!!! So rad!!

Jammin Josh wheelie for the crew.

Jaisaac up the big triple with ease.

Jaisaac whipper snapper over the finish jump.

Jaisaac whipper snapper over the finish jump front view.

Jammin Paul makin sure the bikes lookin good.

Jaisaac gettin down...errr up I mean....Jumping up...and over.

Kniffing jumping real nice like.

Up close and personal with Mr Reid Snyder.

That there is Becca Brickley flying around.

Mike Craig. "go that way"

Jaisaac Sloan "I'm on it"

Rylas gettin his jump on.

Jammin vapor trail.

Flat tire! Nahhhh jus kiddin.

Becca lookin good in the air.

BB Becca Brickley at it again!

Jammin Josh jammin over that orange cone like a bowse!

Rylas Uddberg killin it.

Up close and personal with Mr Uddberg.

Jammin Josh diggin holes.

Jammin Reid I mean Ragin Reid flingin one up there.

Glory water the track shot.

We wish you were here. From Perris Raceway.

Reid Snyder actually "here" There, Perris!

Kickin roost boyee!

Rylas up in them whoops part 1 of 2.

Rylas in them whoops part 2 of 2.

Brit was there chillin like a G.

Jaisaac sunshine 63 frozen mid jump.

Reid killin it in the corner.

Jaisaac with a cat pounce at the end of the day.

Saw this guy on the way back to the crib.

Mikeys workshop.

Looks complicated to me.

Freestyle moves!

Mikey tryin to burn a motor or something ha ha.

The sun has set on Perris Raceway and the crew is in bed or working still so we can bring out another fun day tomorrow. See you then. Thanks for tuning in!


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