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June 24 2012

The gang is here in Perris training for the next national so you know we had to shred Perris Raceway today. Check the pics below and share them with your pals n gals!!!


Jaisaac starting things out right with a proper WESTSIDE.

Tyler Fermin just so happens to be on the westside also. Tyler is on the injured list but he'll be chillin for a minute so get used to it!

Mikeys sandwich looking tasty.

A little project I was working on yesterday....Its gonna be tight!

Jonah Locks, master mechanic....I think..

Tyler stoked to be chillin in the California sun.

Jaisaac getting loose on a warm up lap.

Jaisaac hangin around with some palm trees...We are in Calfornia after all where the state capitol is Sacramento and is the third biggest state in the USA.

Jaisaac flyin around with speed. His lap times today were phenomenal!

This dude Jaisaac Sloan sittin sideways!

Jaisaac flingin one for Tupac's holigram, supposedly, the hologram cost anywhere from $100,000 to $400,000 and Tupac’s mother, Afeni Shakur, was THRILLED about it.

Tyler running/walking around the track with some lean today because of injuries.

Jaisaac about to land in the dirt after a mean scrub.

Some dude was trying to creep on Jaisaacs photo right here but I was like "nawwww foooo" and I chopped him out the frame!

Jaisaac layin er down with a righty.

Jaisaac layin er down with a lefty.

Jaisaac exiting that lefty exactly 1 lap later.

I found this super old bananna in my car but no one would eat it. Thats prolly because they didn't know that over 96% of American households purchase bananas at least once each month.

Reid Snyder had some bike problems and showed up a bit late.

The old Perris raceway sign....Gotta love it.

Reid whippin one right off the bat.

Reid over the finish jump with some ZINNNGGGGGG!!!!

Jaisaac really sittin sideways here.

This dude was trying to get all up in my shot of Reid so I blurred on him.... Yea thats how I roll.

Jonah Locks fast through the woops!

Jaisaac going ham throught the wooops!

I like this tire shack thing.

Jonah blasting out the corner with speed.

Jaisaac and Jonah friendly battle.

This is Smitty and Smitty shreds!

Smitty is totally at ease in the air and he proves it here by looking the other way while floating one.

Smitty and his homey having a good ole time!

Smitty lookin fresh!

Michael Lindsay was killing the track today too!

Check Smittys number plate....It says old geezer ha ha.

This chick was havin a great time in the sun playin in the dirt but I wonder if she knows that it takes nature more than 500 years to create 1 inch of topsoil.

Jonah Mac killin it!

Smitty gettin all sideways like he does!

Michael wanted in on the action too!

Whew, that was a close one boys.

Jaisaac gettin low on this whip.

Michael at it again with proper form.

The 44 of Dr. Locks lovin the air up there.

Jaisaac riding that Honda bike again.

Smitty talkin turkey.

Mikeys Nikeys chillin.

Chillin in the pits.


This dog was purdy so I snapped a flick of it. I bet he knows it is a myth that dogs are color blind. They can actually see in color, just not as vividly as humans. It is akin to our vision at dusk.

Micael Lindsay. chillin like a BOWSE.

Smitty being happy! Take notes people. Happiness is contagious!!!

Jonah shredding the gnar.

Me, Micah 1000 the photo guy gettin in some licks.

Tryin to go ham over Sam's plank.

Back view of Micah 1000 n Sam.

This one is not looking good for this photo guys danger zone. Don't worry I can still have kids.....I think .

See ya'all next time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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