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A bunch of homeys came out to Perris Raceway to get down on the brand new vet track there. Everyone was having the best time on the perfect Perris dirt! Peep the pics below and share them with cho friends player!!!!


The good homey Rene Garcia was there westsiding it.

Saaaayyyy whaaaaaaa! Eddie pimpin in the pits.

Michelle getting ready to shred it.

Jammin Josh jammin through the woops.

Michelle turning like a G!

Jammin Josh catching some air.

Jammin looking low and fresh in a turn.

Michelle shredding the illest.

Austin Bruckshaw getting buck.

Rachael staying toasty in this turn.

Jaisaac Sloan looking fresh.

jammin Josh getting scrubby.

Austin bombing one down the fairway.

Rachael smith going ham.

If Michelle could be an animal, she'd be a whale.

Austin throwing out the spiderman for you.

Jaisaac in full concentration mode.

Jaisaac and Austin taking a little breather.

Rene was looking smooth out there today.

Michelle is a jukebox hero.

Chillin by the track doing some training.

Rachael through the woops in attack mode.

Rene attacking the woops as well.

Rachael and good pal Jammin Josh battling.

Jaisaac flying through the mountains.

Jaisaac blazing fast through this turn.

Rene gitting all buttery style right here.

Rachael and Michelle. Just some sisterly bumping during a battle.

Jaisaac over the roller and through the hood.

Jaisaac roosting me ha ha.

Jaisaac roosting Reid.

Jaisaac getting low.

Reid got caught in a storm.

Jaisaac #scrubnonem.

Track life.

Lyle watching over Perris like a bowse!

Reid getting all steezy in this piece.

Reid getting all low bro. That rhymed!

He be watching you!

Reid throwing a wheelie.

Rene Garcia lives in California.

Look out for that dude right there Jammin!

Jammin and Rene having some fun.

Reid, Austin, and Jaisaac chilling.

Kade had some surgery on his shoulder.

This should be framed! Lotta cool peeps in this one!

Reid showing us how his Uncle Chris likes to dance. Shout out to the homey Chris!!!

Eddie "the beach is that way"

Jaisaac through the rhythms.

Austin flinging one through the vet track.

Jaisaac getting nice in the am.

Rene with some good exit speed.

Jaisaac turning left.

Austin also guilty of turning left.

Jaisaac hooks a righty.

Jaisaac and Reid hooking a righty during some long moto's.

Jaisaac up and over and around and down then through.

For the crue.

Jaisaac wears blue jeans sometimes.

Jaisaac caught on camera in the middle of a thirty minute moto.

Michelle floating one for the Nor Cal homeys.

Rene, speed!

Behind the scenes with mechanic Austin Albrecht.

Austin Albrecht westsiding for the ratchets.

Austin Albatract and mini Oso. (not to be confused with mechanic Austin)

See ya'll next time peoples!!!!!!!!


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