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It’s that time again, the week you fight; it’s you against your own body! The hottest place on earth. We decided to come back and see what the new track runners had to offer! For some this is preparation for Loretta’s, and others well, they’re just crazy! No I’m just kidding, Ponca is a blast…it is every year, it’s just miserably hot! Today was the kick off of practice and I have to say it went pretty well!


Up early in the morning for practice

Mikey hard at work

“Smiles for miles” –Rachael

“She goes hard” Emilia showing the boys whaaaasup :)

Kevin Weisbruch skimmin’ through the new whoops

Lil Chellster getting some seat time in before Loretta’s.

Jammin Josh getting a feel for the track

Chell working her way through the whoops

Micah “getting ran over”

Can you eat 7 Saltines in 60 seconds? Rylas made a pretty good attempt at it and provided the crew with some entertainment….yet, he failed.

“Ooooh candy, hopefully no one sees me!”


Colton Ford put in some fast laps today!

Jai making it look eassssy out there!

Jaisaac was on fire today…get it, get it, because of his gear ;) I loved this gear! Made it so easy to spot him!

Sanayei dippin’

Sloan testing his landing

Reid flat landing the single

Reid Snyder looked good today

T-Ravs doing work

“This is the life!” –Micah 1000

Another hot day here at Ponca City

Everyone has their preferred methods to beat the heat, but I think this is the best one.

Chipmunk trying to function

Pals part 4 :)


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