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Hey hey hey! The day couldn’t have gone any better; the crew here at JaisaacSloan.com is super pumped on Jai’s riding :) Take a look at the photos and come back for more action later!

Micah full of hype on Jaisaac’s finish!

Jai started the day off right with the 250 B Mod win. They make a great team!

Chellster reeling in her pray!

Jordan Bailey had a couple top finishes today

No one stood a chance against this guy today; Sean Cantrell got the start & managed to create a 15 second gap between him and second place by the end of the moto!

Michelle rode awesome & was rewarded with a podium interview :)

Heather making Jaisaac’s bike all pretty!

Eyes of the tiger…

Rylas & buddy Dylan Tighe resting in the shade pre-moto

Dom Greeson & mechanic Adam

Reid & Travis

Adam Nickerson “PYT” had a couple killer motos today placing top three each race!

Jaisaac with the holeshot!

Reid looked fast today, but unfortunately took a fall that didn’t let him place up front.

Sanayei dippin’

Ohhh yeahhh; first place!

Micah getting Mikey’s perception

Podium shot

Proud family!


“Slow down…I know yaaa can’t catch me!”

Out front allll day!

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