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The day didn’t seem nearly as long today; everyone got to sleep in a little bit & relax this morning since Jaisaac and friends had late motos! :)


The “Lone Ranger” getting a close up

Micah getting the scoop on Rylas’ moto

Rachael doing a back tuck in the middle of the field…no big deal

Uhmm, he liked his shirt!

Rylas with a super clean face!

Highhh five Jai; the girlies pumpin’ him up for his race

Second moto start for the 250 B Stock class!

Hmm, I guess I did ride good that moto” Bisceglia post-race win

Thomas helping Jaisaac out!

T-Ravs getting Jaisaac’s take after his last moto

What a nice sister! Rachael helping Chell wrap her feet

Micah 1000 was being careless with his tunnel vision and ended up with an injury! Hahaha

Mikey setting up Jai’s ice bath

“oooh, it’s sooo cold!!”

The little punk is getting thrown in the garbage can! Lmao

“Dirt sure is tasty!” Cantrell with another moto win!

Two for two beeeeches –Chellster ;)

The three amigos…& the Lone Ranger!


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