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How’s it going everyone?! Jaisaac did pretty well, which is always good! :) The day was breezy & cloudy, yet I got super sun burnt! I hear Ponca City is supposed to get rain Thursday too, laaaame! /: I don’t know, this weather is odd! The second round of motos was finished today, which leaves tomorrow morning as the start of mains! Hopefully Jaisaac wraps this baby up with a win! Check back tomorrow, outttti.


Austin Burns has been unstoppable this week; taking the top spot multiple times a day, everyday! Hopefully he can carry this winning momentum into Loretta’s!

Jace Owen goes down after the start of the 250 B Stock race. Owen got up and managed to reach top five by the checkered.

Jaisaac hitting the deuce! ;)

Jaisaac pulled off a second place in the 250 B Stock race.

Emilia and Heather cheering him on!

After taking a fall on the second lap, Jai knew he had to give it his all to get back up top. He pushed and was able to make a third in Schoolboy 2!

Luke Reardon has been riding well this week

Another shot of Jaisaac

Mikey is the best mechanic out there!

Little pep talk after the race

Micah getting his take on what went down

Heather helping Jaisaac get the right mind set and making him believe he can go out there and do what he knows how to do!

Behind the scenes discussions!

And it’s “Dariana” with the holestarttttt hahaha

Chellster & Dom

Jett Reynolds rode awesome and was able to hold off Gage Linville to take the win.




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PS....Sam Collins is awesome!!!!!!!!

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