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Speedworld Supcrcross Training!


The new kid on the block. Austin Albrect....Mechanic!!......Not to be confused with these New kids on the block.

Daaaang, that's one fancy truck...Oh thats mine my bad ha ha.

Conner Monks wasted no time and got right into the dirt.

Mr Jaisaac Sloan flying over some jumps.

Cory Reed made an appearance today.

Faster! Faster! ha ha.

Jaisaac skidding around a turn with the longest leg ever.

Jaisaac trying to roost me... What? oh he's practicing starts.

Nothing but blue skies this morning in Arizona.

Mr Monks getting low.

Lets talk about it....

Jaisaac over the river and through the woods.

Jaisaac watch out for that tree.

Cory ready to pounce on the landing.

Jaisaac trying to kick Cory in the face.

Jaisaac trunin left. Check those sweet handlebars! Mika.

Jaisaac all up in the air n stuff.

This photo is very similar to the one two above it but take a closer look...its a different one!!!!!

Conner eye of the tiger on this one!

Conner awaiting instructions from da boss.

I just kinda liked this pic of their tires hanging off the edge of a jump.

Training time!

Cory through the woops....Or is it Whoops?

Jaisaac through the woops....Yea I think it's woops.

Cory was balancing his bike perfectly on these dirt chunks!

Since I have a high school education I know how to spell education. Pretty sweet!

Jaisaac laying it down with speed in the corner.

Cory Reed is number 574. Duh!

Conner gettin busy.

Jaisaac brody part 1.

Jaisaac brody part 2.

Pit life!

Read the goods mane!

Six Three Mafia!

I told them to say cheese!

Shadow games at Speedworld.

Cory and Conner fixing the woops.

Cory shovel life!

Conner Monks reppin that 417.

Cory tried to jump into the sun and came up short by like 30 feet!!

Jaisaac jumped over this dude named me.

Conner Munx flying.

I ike Jaisaac's shadow in this one.

training |ˈtrāni ng |
the action of teaching a person or animal a particular skill or type of behavior.

Don't think Austin and myself didn't save these bee's from a can of soda.

Jaisaac flying over jaisaacsloan.com.

Look at all those jumps.

Cory throwing one up for the homeys.

Jaisaac in-between a shovel and Justins torso.

Jaisaac throwing up a westside for the crue.

Jaisaac karate kick!


Cory karate chop with his foot part one.

Cory karate chop with his foot part two.

Utopia holding it down for the homey.

Ol dirty Micah 1000!

Cory's helmet chillin.

Hey who wrote this jaisaacsloan.com on my leatt? ha ha

Cory lookin fresh.

Justin running tings bruh!

Say Whaaaaaat!?!?!?

Practicing starts mane.

Cory lookin like he's a little far to the left.....

Awww crap.... faceplant.

Conner wheelie time!

The guys practicing some more starts...All fun.....

Until Cory decided to do this!

And this!

And this too. Jeeze, what a buzz kill... He was ok though.

Justin's license plate.

Jaisaac twisting over a telephone pole.

Jaisaac fully compressed for this step on step off.

Jaisaac changing gears or something.

Hi five? Low five? mid five!

Conner jumping over the lights at Speedworld!

Conner still getting dirty.

My chair! Not Justins!

Jaisaac drove this thing to the track from his house. No joke!! Awesome!!!!

See ya'll next time!!!!!!!!!!

Keep it fresh!!!



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