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Training in Phoenix. temperature today= 45 degrees...weird.


63 Mafia reppin and lookin squeaky clean!

Mr Jaisaac Sloan throwing up a westside at my request.

That there is a mighty fine collection of bikes. I think I see a Colt 45 bike in there too. Where you at cuz?

Factory connection holds it down for the gang.

Austin showing out. like the rappers say.

Austin taking a bow or something.

Justin and Jaisaac getting warmed up in this coldness. The all-time lowest recorded temperature in Phoenix was 16 °F (−9 °C) on January 7, 1913. Glad I wasn't there!

Tanner Bisco and Justin getting loose.

Gettin some bike work done!

Numer 63 Jaisaac Sloan and number 55 Logan Chambers saying hello.

Justin "see that cone? don't hit it"

Jaisaac just chillin in a puddle.

Logan gettin geared up to shred.

Somebody has to break in the track.

Troy lee holding it down with the sicky hand warmers!

Crew chillin talking over some goals for the season.

Jaisaac getting tubular.

Brody time!

Jaisaac with some excellent exit speed.

Tanner looking freshy in this turn

Jaisaac digging holes.

Tanner getting low!

Logan goes hard in the paint!

Jaisaac's middle name is "True"

Logan Chambers. Style for miles!

Onlookers peepin the progress. Alex saw something he liked!

Jaisaac low!

A little lower! Steeeeezzzy!

Logan came to ride!

Talkin game with Buckelew.

Logan right hand turnin.

I think this was some kind of freestyle turn move.

Logan and Jaisaac cheesin for the camera during a little water break. And just so you know, cheese develops the optimal flavor and texture when served at room temperature.

Jaisaac attacking the big gap into the woops section zone.

Jaisaac turning on what I call the seashell.

Jaisaac seashell turning some more.

According to SeashellWorld.com, the color and the pattern found on a seashell depends on the diet of the creature. A steady diet may cause a spiral pattern where as an inconsistent diet can lead to spots along the shell.

This shotblock actually made this picture cooler in my opinion.

The 541 Prather showed up and shredded hard. Eye of the tiger on this one.

Class is in session! www.motocrosscoach.com

Jaisaac was going hard in the paint as usual..(more rapper talk)

Logan ate his wheaties today for sure!

I'd hate to be the person who Jaisaac is mugging in this one.

Look at that perfectly watered dirt getting shot at me ha ha.

Thats a long leg right there!

Jaisaac be careful. You might get that glove dirty.

Prather was looking steezy in this turn for sure.

Jaisaac left hand turn for the ratchets!

Tanner railing it like a bo$$!

Phoenix is the sixth largest city in the nation according to the 2010 United States Census.

Prather lookin sharp!

Jaisaac probably won't like this photo but I do so there.

Logan going quick. I think a see some championships in this kids future!

Jaisaac wheelie through the woops for fun!

On his way to this!

And this!

And maybe some of this.

Jaisaac was having some fun in this turn.

Now thats a rad license plate! France issued the first license plate in 1893, followed by Germany in 1896.

Austin Albrecht cleanin her up for another awesome day of shredding tomorrow! See ya then! Stay fresh friends!!


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