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Well folks here we are in AZ mashin in the sun, havin tons of fun, today's high was 101.


Livin large Buckelew about to lead the charge!


Mikeys Nikeys, you know you like these.

Justin did win a bunch of Loretta Lynns and I'll bet he had a good time with his family and friends.

Cory Reed ridin his trusty steed.

Jaisaac diggin deep so you can peep.

Jaisaac flying over the lump thats just a jump.

Jais mashin out of a turn and don't touch the FMF pipe cuz it'll burn.

Jaisaac spraying some roost then he's gonna drink some juice.

Jaisaac is number sixty three and is probably faster than you and me.

Mikey fixing the track cuz he's got the homeys back.

Here's what you did wrong and right, good job, good flight.

Here's a fence. This photo doesn't make any sense.

Jaisaac mashing real quick then lets listen to some Slick Rick.

In this one photo of a turn Jaisaac seemed to be staring right at me, almost evil as if he were committing blasphemy.

Cory making a hard left and he did it with much heft.

Now ripping a left is Jaisaac and his eyesight is good so there's no need for lasik.

Now ripping a left is Jaisaac and his eyesight is good so there's no need for lasik. part 2

So big jumped Justin Buck, he coulda went over a truck.

Cory kickin some roost, at walmart the prices just got reduced.

Jaisaac Sloan shooting the barrel harder than Will Ferrell.

@austinbruckshaw gettin a shout, if you didn't get one don't pout.

Bike chillin like a villian.

Now it's time for some lunch, time to munch.

Jais's mom stopped by for a visit, Colorado isn't where you wanna go? or is it?

Cory Reed draggin to gain more speed.

Cory Reed draggin to gain more speed. part 2

Jaisaac did a turn standing and his lap times were not expanding.

Cory throwing it down hard in the yard.

Selfie reflection to gain your affection.

Cory chillin with a smile, I wonder if he knows a guy named Kyle.

FMF pipes are the best, you probably could've guessed they're better that the rest.


New graphic is lookin sick.

Mikey pointing at something rad. Its probably me, whoops my bad!

Draggin bars Justin, you know his skills are not rustin.

In the treehouse Mikey would never wear a blouse.

Justin through the woops trying to get them excited, the troops.

Stopping for a little water break, so thirsty I could drink a lake.

I caught Jais on the spy cam through the woops like BLAM!

Mikey getting lap times in the fort. don't abort!

Don't even think that Justin didn't take a drink.

Jaisaac taking a swig before gettin back on his rig.

Justin making it rain mane!

Jaisaac making it rain mane.

Cory pointed his finger at me so I could see him turnin like a G.

Gettin lower than a snail, Jaisaac landed this turn and didn't bail.

I'd rather drag a bar than a truck or a car.

Jais tried to kick his finger, he zoomed out of this turn and didn't linger.

Jaisaac burying his hand just as planned.

Jaisaac gettin sideways for the flannel crue you know how we do.

Turnin not fussin it's Buckelew Justin.

Justin Buck dont give a .......crap... ha ha never gets old !!!!!

Muddy track bender, take it back and wash that fender.

Justin Buck makin a mess, always look forward, never to regress!

Takin a little break, just for some water, no steak.

Cory livin large flyin where he wants cuz he's in charge.

Jaisaac kicked that dirt in the face cuz it's his place.

Jaisaac throwing me a peace sign. Thanks, I'll return it sometime!

Mikeys car lookin kinda dirty, not like the pt who's really purty.

This is my pt cruiser but some people call it a looser.

Muddy day at the track, keeps you on point so you don't slack.

Hey could you wash my boots? I'll get you back in 5 it's the truths!

See! I'd never lie to the crew...That's not what we do.


Mikey likey to wash bikey!!

Relaxin after a long day on the track, it was a hard attack, but they knew Micah 100 had their back. I think it's time for a snack, an ice pack, or some photo play back, so cut the track, put your bike on the rack, lay back, and holler at jaisaacsloan.com cuz we're never wack !!!!




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