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Well here we are, 1 day from leaving for the first nationals of the season, Time to get in one last practice before we skip town!


A few sprinkes of rain don't scare this crew.


Time for battle!

Jammin Josh floating the rhythms.

Jonah Locks battlin.

Jonah gettin low in the turn.

Austin with dirt boogers

Jaisaac with a dirt stache.


Mikeys Nike's

HB bout to drop the rock to start the race.

Jammin down. Sometimes you gotta pay to play

Mikey and his nike's had to get some turns in.

Mikey reppin that 63.

Air Jordan....errr air Mikey

Ready for another battle? All day!

Game faces.

We all ride.

Battle time.

Don't wanna get stuck in that dust cloud.

Thats some mighty good form there Jaisaac.

If this photo was on facebook I'll bet Jeff Nix would like it.

Jonah Mack.

Austin doing brody's in a mud puddle.

When the rock hits the ground its on.

Jammin thru the fence.

Jaisaac handlin the whoops.

Jammin Jammin a lefty turn.

Jaisaac dust stormin.

Austin dust stormin.

Jammin in his bullfighting chest protector.

Austin trying to bury someone behind him.

Jaisaac dirt flingin.

Austin nose manual.

Jaisaac nose press.

Jonah freestylin it.

Jaisaac and Jonah double whoops attack.

Left to right. jaisaac, Jammin, Austin, and Jonah

Look out Jammin. They're comin!

Look out Jammin. They're comin! part 2

Don't get camera shy round here.

G'd up 63 Mafia.

Jammin Paul.

Jammin feast for the fast.

Jonah bike washin.

Mikey bike fixin.

Austin Jaisaac high fivin.

Utopia we love ya'all.

Austin. You ready for Texas?

We are the music makers and the dreamers of dreams.

Jaisaac with some after practice track maintenance.

Loadin up for Texas.

Almost ready....sort of.

Maybe a few more bikes. See you in Texas!!!

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