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Jaisaac and the homeys were trainin at the turn track today and i gotta say it was one heck of a good time!


Starting things out right with a classic Mikeys Nikeys pic...but wait, whats that? a knee brace? yep Mikeys knee has been bugging him lately.

Look at all these purdy bikes!

Jaisaac in the tractor about to...tractor it up!

Justin Buckelew and Cory Reed chillin.

Jaisaac playin around with his fender thing.


Reppin my city.....errrr state.

Jaisaac cookin one in the am heat.

Justitn Buckelew tellin em how its done.

In surfing I think this is called getting pitted....Jaisaac gets pitted.

Twin day at the turn track? Slater and Stone Colby shred !!!!!

Justin jumped on Jaisaacs bike to show em how its done.

Stone gettin dirty in a corner.

Slater backin up his brother with a low one.

Jaisaac compressing into the corner like a bowse!

Stone flying fast.

Buckelew sharing his wisdom.

Cory blazing fast out of a turn.

Stone mackin a roost.

Jaisaac executing perfect form while leaving a turn.

Buckelew tried to fly over the mountains in this photo!

Watching Bucky show us how its done.

Buckelew airborne.

Cory floats one under the watchfull eye of Justin.

Stone in on the fun too.

Jaisaac clearing the fence and trees right here.

I think Stone liked this turn.

I think Jaisaac also liked this one.

OK they all liked it! Cory tries to bury himself.

Jaisaac getting pitted again.

Buckelew gettin it on Stones bike.

Jaisaac airtiming.

Jaisaac hookin a right turn without a blinker.

Jaisaac gettin loooooowww.

Stone with proper exit speed.

Yours truly. Selfie.

A little rest and time to check instagram.

Cory and Bucky with good posture.

They let this guy drive the van!!!!

Puddle photos are usually my favorite but this one's pretty small. Flood it next time Mikey ha ha jus kiddddddiiiinnnnnnnnn.


Buckelew sprayin em down after a quick break.

Jaisaac is lucky i didn't bring my bike today or I'd have shown him how to really skid this turn !

Jaisaac testing Cory's bike.

Jaisaac turnin on his own hog.

I took a picture of Mikey eating that spaghetti next to him and he was not pleased ha ha.

Jaisaac in a dust storm!

Jaisaac staying very low!

Jais nose wheelie. I want him to do one of these in a contest!

Jaisaac wheel tap the tripps.

Jaisaac low riding.

Jais wheel tappin again.

Mikey lights up his Oakleys.

Dr reflecto Jais.

That fridge has some nicey graphics!

The track lies still waiting for the next practice...........


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