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The gang headed out to Phoenix Arizona to train in the beautiful weather at Jaisaac's turn track. Everyone improved their lap times and had a good old time. Check the photos!!!

Mikey Vee had the bikes prepped and ready to roll in AZ.

Dont be drinkin this folks. Haterade.....

Now thats some classy artwork. Jaisaac at Starwest!

Mikey Vee double checkin the goods.

I was blastin on Mikey when he wasnt looking.

Naughty "How do you like training in Arizona"

Jaisaac "love it"

Lets get on the track and chop down these old lap times like trees.

Austin Buckshot floatin one.


Austin and Jammin doing some sparring.

Jaisaac gettin warmed up.

Gotta maintain that track.

Austin gettin in the groove.

Hey Jammin Josh wash that mud off yo face.

Jammin deep in the rut. You don't see many 65 riders with this kind of style.

Jaisaac with a good looking mash through the turn.

Austin gettin low get low get low get low....Yea its a song.

Austin hiding behind a tree. Or maybe I was.

Jaisaac skimming the top of this jump nice n low.

Sparring with the homeys is always fun.

Buckshot sprayin some dirt.

Gotta keep that track moist.

Jaisaac making his own dust cloud.

Austin blazing through the rhythms on his back wheel. Proper.

Jaisaac gettin fresh on this hit.

Austin also getting fresh on this hit.

Jammin talking bout the day.

I think Mikey labeled this wrong. thats a seat not an air filter ha ha.

Yours truly

Some thanksgiving leftovers from the day before.

Jaisaac gettin fly eye eye ye eye...Yea its a song.

Jaisaac fast down the straightaway.

Jammin Josh floating one for the homeys.

Jalen came out to rip it up with the crew!

Gettin trained.

Jaisaac thru the fence. He got fenced.

Dust cloud fun with Jaisaac.....so fun!

Jalen was blazing fast and getting faster by the hour.

Sometimes you gotta pay the price when you're mashing.

He didn't stay down long thanks to a helping hand from the pops.

Jammin Josh going fast.

You can bet that Jaisaac came out of this one smooth.

Somebody get this barbed wire off the track please.

Jammin straight leggin it like a bo$$.

Mikey's Nike's part 1.

Austin out for a mellow cruise on his invisawheels.

Ghetto blaster.

Mikey with some steezy headgear.

Jaisaac helpin out his pal..This is how we roll.

Relaxin on the track for a minute.

Don Naughty elbow up leg out...He learned from the best!

Jalen getting down.


The crew havin some fun racin around.

Gettin close. Check out Jalen and jammin.

HB...no gear...no problem.

The races got heated and the crowd watched closely.....Except Austin texting.

Get that camera outta my face.

Jaisaac and Jammin playing a little game of catch.

Goodnight ya'all


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