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Last night we had ourselves a fun photoshoot chillin session with some homies. We shot some stuff for ads n stuff that I can't show you quite yet and had a good ole time as usual. Unfortunately I did not get a Mikeys Nikes photo because I did not plan on making a phot blog.......Next time!

Mr Sloan and Ms Henry making that WAR gear look good.

Want some of dat No Toil? We gat it!

How bout some new Flu Designs? Got dat too.

A buncha rad kids throwin up deuces!

Lil Z chillin with her Arma belt.

Lke a BOWSE!!!

Man these flashes are bright as hell, lemme get at those stunners.

Mel lookin steezy as usual.

The Momster vs Don Naughty....Things are about to get sketchy around here ha ha.

I got cho back.


Jonah Mack is strong as hell. If you don't believe me then check the above photo.

Oh yea we skate too. Duh!

Laced up in that WAR gear.

Check out this video of me from the other day ha ha.

Arma snacks flyin around.

Mel got framed.

Jokes and jokes.

The set.

Mel don't drink that.

Naughty always gettin footy.

Still gettin footy

Tellin jokes by the tailpipe.

Lil Z is a G.

Ahhhh I can't see.

Behind the scenes... Till next time ya'all. 63 Mafia out!


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