Jaisaac and Nix gettin the week started!

Jaisaac and Jeremy Burnes battling it out during practice!

Jaisaac's riding siccck!

Shredding so hard his fender fell off....

Moto Moms rule!

Metrakit Represent!

Pretty good showing this year for the AZ amatuer open

View from the metrakit rig

Zray reppin that ARMA

New sticker kit...so fly!

The Pit supporting the riders!

Greg doin work!

The one and only Irv Braun

Z-ray ripping,

Jaisaac gettin it!

Rylas made the trip for his second National in two weeks

Jaisaac scrubbin to flat

Tatted up!

J...look of shred.

Jeremy Burne and Michael Hazlett and the ladies who make it happen...so cool!

Luka reppin Metrakit and ripping!

zzzzzicki reppin that ARMA

Seein clearly...utopia

Rylas and his dad Svede

Jaisaac gettin some up the hill

Filmer talk

The goods

Gettin ready for race day....

See you tomorrow!!!!